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10 Great Alternatives To The Sopranos

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HBO’s The Sopranos was one of the premium network’s biggest hits that defined and influenced an entire generation of TV viewers. The story of Tony Soprano’s family also explored his rise in organized crime and served to inspire a number of other series over the years that helped to fill the hole left by The Sopranos’ end after six seasons in 2007.

The feature-length theatrical release of The Many Saints Of Newark prequel has fans jumping back to rewatch the iconic series on HBO Max. For those who have watched The Sopranos a few too many times already, there are plenty of other series that explores the darker sides of crime and its impact on typical family life.

10 Sons Of Anarchy Follows The Exploits Of The Titular Motorcycle Club And Its Dark Legacy

Charlie Hunnam starred in Sons of Anarchy alongside a huge cast of talented actors as the heir to an established gang known as SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original) as it deals with rival motorcycle clubs, law enforcement and troubles within the family.

Sons of Anarchy aired on FX and ran for seven seasons, developing a cult following that made it one of the network’s highest-rated series. Sons of Anarchy also led to a spin-off series after the show ended which was called Mayans M.C. that explored an alternate gang of characters that would also appeal to fans of The Sopranos.

9 Gomorrah Features An Italian Crime Family’s Civil War For Control Of Naples’ Underworld

The Sopranos occasionally touched on the power of the original organized crime families in Italy as they affected Tony and family’s expansion in New Jersey, though Sky Atlantic’s Gomorrah takes a closer look at the underworld of Naples.

The series follows the death of one of the main families leaders which kick off a violent civil war between family members and their rivals as the old guard defends itself and their ways of doing business from the next generations’ brutal methods. Gomorrah is available on HBO Max and has also released a spin-off movie called L’ImmortaleThe Immortal that continued the story.

8 The Wire Explored Different Facets Of Baltimore Through The City’s Cops And Criminals

Another of HBO’s hits, The Wire debuted in 2002 and aired for five seasons. The Wire was set in Baltimore and explored the relationships and connections between the police and the criminals they dealt with on a daily basis.

Each season of The Wire focused on a different aspect of Baltimore’s various police and criminal factions, as well as the government and even school systems that all contributed to the city’s growing crime problems. The Wire also featured amazing performances that made the series a must-watch for drama fans.

7 Narcos Followed The DEA’s Attempts At Capturing Colombian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar

Netflix introduced a hit new series called Narcos in 2015 which followed the rise of Pablo Escobar into the infamous Colombian cocaine kingpin while also showcasing the DEA’s attempts at uncovering his criminal empire and taking him down.

The first two seasons featured amazing performances from the cast that instantly drew in fans, with the third tackling a new challenge as the police attempted to halt the rise of the equally powerful Cali Cartel that formed in the wake of Escobar’s rise and fall.

6 Breaking Bad Showed How Easily A Desperate Family Man Could Slip Into A Life Of Crime

Bryan Cranston starred as a high school chemistry teacher whose cancer diagnosis and overwhelming medical bills led him into a life of crime as a high-quality meth dealer in AMC’s Breaking Bad, which debuted in 2008.

Fans of The Sopranos will find that Breaking Bad has a similar cult following as the series showcased a family man’s dark fall into the criminal world that soon grew past the original premise as it followed the rise and fall of the dealer known as Heisenberg. Fans of Breaking Bad also have continuation films like El Camino and the spin-off series Better Call Saul to further explore.

5 Ray Donovan Is A Fixer With A Family Who Makes Illegal Arrangements For His Clientele

Showtime’s Ray Donovan starred Liev Schreiber as a mediator at a law firm who was willing to go above and beyond for his celebrity clientele, which explored the high-stakes world of briberies, pay-offs and even the concealment of crimes.

Ray Donovan‘s titular lead deals with his problems at home as well as a troubled relationship with his wife and father all while dealing with the tense situations of his job. While the series ended in 2020 after seven seasons, there are plans for a feature-length movie to bring Ray Donovan to a proper close for fans of the series.

4 Queen Of The South Follows A Mexican Woman’s Takeover Of A Drug Smuggling Empire

Alice Braga starred in USA Network’s Queen of the South as the girlfriend of a murdered drug smuggler who is forced to escape to the US to avoid the cartel who took out her lover. Once there, she reconnects with an old friend and begins to hatch her plan to take revenge on the cartel while also starting her own drug-smuggling empire.

Her rise makes her an even bigger target with the cartels which results in an action-packed series that separates itself from other crime dramas. Queen of the South aired for 5 seasons which should appeal to fans of The Sopranos who are looking for a decent-sized binge.

3 Peaky Blinders Follows The Shelby Crime Family In England Between Two World Wars

A fictionalized version of the real-world crime family known as the Shelbys was explored in BBC Two’s Peaky Blinders, which follows the exploits of the titular gang as they expand their family’s criminal empire following the end of the first World War in Birmingham, England.

Cillian Murphy leads a stellar cast of some of the coolest gangsters on TV that features a number of great performances as well as stunning cinematography that continued to surprise viewers with each new series. Peaky Blinders aired for five series with a sixth and final season still to air, as well as plans for another continuation of the Shelby family’s story.

2 Boardwalk Empire Was Set In Atlantic City And Explored Crime In The Prohibition Era

HBO’s Boardwalk Empire starred Steve Buscemi as corrupt Atlantic City treasurer Enoch “Nucky” Thompson (based on a real-world political figure with a similar name) and featured a pilot episode directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese.

Boardwalk Empire took place during the Prohibition Era and explored the developing bootlegging empire formed by Nucky that involves the mob, the government, and federal agents trying to enforce prohibition laws. Boardwalk Empire aired for 5 seasons and was named as one of the best television programs of the year after it debuted in 2010.

1O zark Is A Unique Family Drama Filled With Money Laundering And Dangerous Cartels

Netflix’s Ozark starred Jason Bateman and Laura Linney as parents in a family forced to set up a new life in Missouri after his money-laundering operation with the Mexican Cartel encounters some hurdles due to his thieving partner.

The Byrde family are forced to not only start a new life, but also launch new profitable money laundering operations in order to pay off the debt to the cartel that continues to plague them while they encounter all kinds of new enemies in the Ozarks. Ozark has aired three seasons with an extended fourth and final season set to air in 2022.

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