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5 Facts about Diane Arbus

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 5 Facts about Diane Arbus

5 Facts about Diane Arbus

she was an American photographer. she was born on March 14, 1923. she was famous for his photography work her pictures are the topic of debate. today we discuss some awesome Facts about Diane Arbus and how his photo become famous 

1 Fact

Identical twins Diane Arbus

Identical twins: Identical twins are one of the famous photo clicks by Diane Arbus it is the 19 Edition of Diane Arbus the famous part of this picture you can see this picture the two girls on the picture look creepy or haunting. the two twins Cathleen and Colleen were 7 years old at that time both were identical twins the picture clicked in 1967 and it Estimates Est. 80,000–100,000 USD.

2 Fact 

Russian midget friends in a living room on 100th Street

Russian midget friends in a living room on 100th Street is one of the controversial pictures of Diane Arbus. That picture show after the war ended what problem people faced in the soviet union. this picture shows the sad reality of post-war 

3 Fact 

Diane Arbus was born in a Jewish family. in their early life, they suffer from depression and stress 

4 Fact 

Diane Arbus is very famous for creating images in black and white. at one time she captures a fleeting moment of reality and also reminds us that she is the author of that image, stripping it of its color and dictating the way we look at that moment. her work looks creepy to some people but she likes her profession 

Fact 5 

On 26 July 1971 she commit suicide she was suffering from depression she cut her wrists with a razor still her death is a mystery for some people her work was still a topic of debate and her personal life was full of problem 

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