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6 Best Adblocker Apps for Android In 2021

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If you are like most internet users, we are sure you too get pretty annoyed by intrusive ads while surfing the web pages or streaming your favourite shows and movies on your android.

Most streaming sites like Kimcartoons or 123movies etc come with frequent ads which can make streaming a pretty dull and miserable experience. The good news is, you can as easily get rid of these ads on androids as you do on your PC with the help of free adblocker tools.

The question is, however, which tool to use for this purpose from a myriad of available options? The answer to this question is not quite simple especially if you are new to this stuff and have no idea which app to go with.

If you are one of these people then stay with us and check out our list of the top trending adblockers of the year 2021.

  1. AdGuard

This extremely useful ad blocker app can prevent ads from appearing not only on streaming sites and apps but on games and other applications as well.

The app comes with standard options and once you install it, the app automatically detects the sites and apps with ads and stops them from appearing while you surf the internet. AdGuard is a very light app that does not take up much of your RAM. You can download this app directly from its official website.

  1. ADLock 

This is another effective adblocker that makes your internet streaming smoother and removes unnecessary distractions. The app offers various customizable filters that you can use to whitelist some apps and sites.

The main features of this app include an interface that is both simple and effective, audio/video ad blocking, spyware and malware protection, and enhanced internet speed.

  1. ADaway

This adblocker has proved to be the best for blocking unwanted advertisements and stands out for its effective performance and interactive layout. The only thing you need to do to use the app is to root your device before installation.

The app doesn’t put your online security at any risk. It is easy to use and anybody with a basic knowledge of ad blocking can understand its working and get the most out of its ad-blocking options.

  1. AdBlocker Plus

With a very small size of only about 2 to 3MB, this app has the ability to search and block ads from both your streaming and gaming applications. Adblocker Plus is among the best tools for this job because of its flexible ad-blocking filters and options.

The app gives you all the information as to what sites have been blocked and for how long. The app blocks both the static and the dynamic video ads which increases your internet surfing speed and makes your streaming smoother. This ad blocker works on both iOS and android devices equally well.

  1. AppBrain Ad Detector and Blocker

If you are looking for an app that manages and blocks ads, push notifications, backlinks, and annoying pop-ups while protecting your sensitive personal data, and mobile device information at the same time, AppBrain is your best bet.

Though this app is more effective for blocking ads on streaming sites like Tamil movies da, putlockers, and Crunchyroll, etc it can work on other platforms and gaming app as well.

  1. AdClear

This last but not at all the least ad blocker is very similar in operation to any typical adblocker. The app allows you to enjoy customized adblocking where you can allow or prohibit certain sites to show ads.

The app is also effective in detecting ads that are linked with viruses and malware thus effectively protecting your mobile device. The app does not require rooting your device which makes its use more convenient.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, all the apps that we have discussed above can be used for blocking ads from your streaming sites, internet surfing, and gaming applications. These apps have all received great reviews from users everywhere and that is the main reason why we have picked these from hundreds of other adblockers on the play store.

Download any one of these apps today and have a smooth and more productive internet surfing experience instantly.

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