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6 Best Ways to Protect Mobile Phones From Broken Screens

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Nowadays, gadgets have created a huge impact on everyone’s life, and Mobiles are one of them. Apart from buying, taking care of mobile phones is very much important. With time, the sell and trade in phone online have become easier with newly launched web platforms. But If you get the glass or any interior part broken or damaged for your mobile, you will find it difficult to sell it further.

Dropping mobiles accidentally is very common these days. People reach out to service centers and other retail shops for repair works, and they charge a big amount for repairs. It’s better to protect your mobile screen from breaking, and it’s quite easy if you have any of the below-listed attachments for your mobile. Let’s have a look at them:

Best ways for protecting mobile phones from breaking the screens: 

  • Tempered Glass:

The smartphone’s screen covers about 35% of the mobile cost, while the motherboard covers approximately 65% of the gadget’s price. This is why it is quite important to use the screen guard over the smartphone screen to avoid any scratches.

The screen guard protects the screen, but how can you protect your device from any accidents? Thus it becomes extremely important to protect your mobile with the help of tempered glass and avoid screen repair.

You can buy the tempered glass online or can go to the shops to get it fixed by any local retailer.

All mobile phones arrive with a scratch-resistant display, and that’s never enough. Using tempered glass over your mobile screen provides extra protection and protects it from cracking or breaking.

  • Pop Sockets:

They are frequently used in recent times, especially while texting messages, using the front camera, and enabling voice calls. The gadgets look promising for holding your mobile strongly and firmly. These pop sockets are a kind of plastic device and are attached to the smartphone’s backside.

Pop sockets consist of a disc, circular base, and flexible stem. Also, you can use two of your fingers for gripping the pop socket to have a feathery hold on your mobile. The pop sockets can be bought online or offline as per your suitability. Do check the reviews before placing your order with any brand.

  • Bumper Case:

It is one of the traditional and common methods for preventing the phone screen crack via bumper case. The technology is seen upgrading every day, and many leading manufacturers have already started manufacturing efficient and strong bumper cases that are quite suitable for the mobile being launched nowadays. For attracting new clients, stylish bumper cases are also available in the markets, and some of them are designed for specific smartphones.

  • Mobile Phone Airbags:

Everyone is aware of using airbags in their cars, but can you imagine using airbags in your mobile phones? The airbags method can be used for protecting mobile phones from dropping from a height. These airbags are comprised of thin metal curls and sensors, and their working is stated below:

  • The sensors in your mobile case will be activated once the free-fall motion is detected.
  • The mobile case has a metal structure beneath and gets popped out to protect the mobile phone edges and enable a smooth landing.
  • GrabTab:

The GrabTab can be seen as a combination of both pop sockets and mobile rings. It is a card-sized and super-slim accessory that can be used for holding your mobile in the best way and can be used to stand your mobile for viewing and supports wireless charging too.

Here you need to stick to GrabTab behind your mobile phone and then slide over the center strip unless it gets locked. Now slip your fingers across the screen for holding your mobile comfortably while texting, attending calls, or taking selfies. Turn your mobile sideways, and once the loop becomes convenient, you can use it for hand-free chatting or watching videos.

The above-listed five ways can protect your mobile phone from breaking its screen and causing any wear and tear to your mobile. You can choose either of them to use with your gadget and use it for the long term.

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