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A powerful girl named Zhatis

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Astiyazh haghighi, nicknamed zhatis or atusa , was born on 2002/03/10 in IRAN-JASK and is a Youtuber-tiktoker and instagrammer in Iran.
She is known as one of the leading persons in the field of video creating in Iran.

Zhatis is also engaged in modeling and clothing design.
She studied graphic design and clothing design in high school and she is one of the smartest people in Iran!

Zhatis had not revealed her real name to her fans until not so long ago, but she announced his real name to his followers during a ceremony, recently.

Zhatis started her work by creating short videos and she was one of the firsts to do that in Iran, a Middle Eastern country.

Due to Zhatis being a girl and the gender problems that exists in Iran, her progress was very difficult, but she never gave up and with her efforts, she has become a prominent and popular person in Iran.

Nowadays, zhatis is a symbol of effort and hope for girls who want to pursue a goal in Iran, but they are often afraid of the problems that girls are confront with.

All over the world, people need someone like zhatis in order to learn hope and how to achieve their goals.

Instagram id : @zhatiis

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