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Actor Orlando Brown A**eges That He Has Been Dating Rapper Bow Wow Rapper Has That “Good Good”

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Orlando Brown is another young star who has been consumed by the gloom of Hollywood. The That’s So Raven star has been in an odd spiral for a long time. Many social media posts and interviews have gone popular for the incorrect reasons.

Brown, who played Cadet Kevin Dunne also known as Tiger Dunne on Major Payne, was only 14 years old at the time. After that, he was hired to play 3J in Family Matters and provided voice work for The Proud Family and Waynehead. He is best known for playing Eddie on the Disney Channel show That’s So Raven.

Orlando would go on to narrate w**rd and exaggerated tales about other Hollywood stars and young actors. Brown says he had a romantic involvement with Nick Cannon as well. A 2020 actor named Orlando Brown said that he was groping Cannon while the actress was d**guised as a woman.

While at his neighbourhood grocery store, he was looking through his phone. You want me to inform everyone? you can hear him asking. Later, Cannon refuted the assertion. Cannon admitted to VladTV that he wanted to make more jokes and laughs about the incident, but his brother was actually crying and h**ting.

Brown continued his surprising admissions by a**using Will Smith of i**ppropriate behaviour toward him as a child. Brown takes it a step further and a**eges that Will Smith also a**sed his children. In the video, Brown, who also identifies himself as Trent, claims to be Will Smith’s child.

In the same video, he a**uses Michael Jackson as well. Orlando seemed to be on the road to recovery after Dr. Phil’s intervention. Orlando acknowledged his prior use of m***juana and his m*ntal issues once Dr. Phil interfered. The father of one appeared to be moving in the right direction.

Bow Wow is the latest v**tim of Brown’s medicine abstinence. In an interview with Funny Marco, Brown asserts that he has experienced a circumstance comparable to that of Bow Wow.

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