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Ainsley Harriott Reveals What Happened Filming Viral ‘Why Hello Jill’ Moment

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Ainsley Harriot has spoken about that fateful day when he turned up to an elderly woman’s house to surprise her on live TV, excitedly saying ‘Why hello Jill!’ as he walked in to meet the bemused pensioner – in turn creating one of the finest viral moments ever created.

Back in 2018, Harriott joined This Morning presenter Alison Hammond to surprise a lady called Jill at her home, after her children got in touch with the show for Mother’s Day.

Viewers watched on as two blokes carried in a huge new TV for Jill, who was sitting on the sofa next to Hammond, looking a little unsure what was happening.

Harriott had also been hiding in the kitchen, ready to treat Jill to some ricotta pancakes and eggs Benedict – and upon cue from Hammond, he suddenly appeared in the doorway, looking down at Jill with a smile as he held up a frying pan.

“Why helloooooooo Jill!” he said to her, as she peered up at him.

Speaking in a recent episode of the Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster podcast, Harriott revealed that Jill ‘didn’t have a clue’ what was going on, and that he’d almost ‘p***ed himself’ laughing when he walked in to the living room.

Suggesting he believed Jill has sadly passed away, Harriot said: “Poor Jill’s checked out now, you know? Bless her cotton socks.”

Recalling what had happened that day when they visited her, Harriott told Gamble and Acaster: “It was me and, of course, Alison, and then this little lady sitting in between us on the sofa.

“[…] They gave her a brand new TV. She was so small, wasn’t she?

“I was in Jill’s kitchen trying to make her a surprise meal and every drawer that I open up, there’s a packet of fags in there – more importantly, there’s about three or four packets that are empty. Do you know those people who keep them and think, ‘I might find something in there one day’.

“[…] I’d go to the bottom one and open it, and it would be Sobranie or something like that – you know, weird fags that you only smoke at Christmas! Bless her.”

Harriott remembered how Jill would even pop out for a smoke while they were filming, any time there was a break.

“She did sneak off for a fag,” he said, adding: “She went off into her garden when there was a break, when you’d send it back to Eamon and Ruth in the studio, she’s off having a little fag.”

When Gamble said Jill clearly ‘had no idea’ what was going on, Harriott replied: “She didn’t!”

Acaster then asked if the celebrity had chef knew he was going to introduce himself to Jill in the way he did, frying pan in hand.

He said: “I had no idea, because they’re standing there and they’re going ‘Wait, wait, wait, wait… GO, GO!’ like that.

“[…] Then you go in, because then now the cameras are in the right position, I think Alison has got Jill to sit down so it gives me an entrance.

“And when I walk in I want to piss myself laughing because Alison’s about four times the size of Jill, she’s nearly disappearing!

“And I go, ‘Why hello Jill!’ And Alison’s just looking at me and I’m looking at Al, [thinking] ‘This is a good gig!'”

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