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Amazing Facts “As 10 Reasons Why Even a Woman Who Loves You Madly Can Leave You for Good”.

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10 Reasons Why Even a Woman Who Loves You Madly Can Leave You for Good

Many men realize that their women are charmingly mysterious and unpredictable, but that only happens until they pack up and leave. They may slam the door and go away forever while you are at work.

In this article, we have listed ten situations in relationships when women choose to leave their partner, even if they love them.

01 – You are not reliable.

We all understand that everyone in a relationship needs private space and freedom. It is the same for women. However, in some periods of their life, they still want to have someone to lean on when they need. Only a reliable person can make them feel comfortable.

Even women who love their freedom a lot want to be able to lean on somebody when they need them. And there are periods in women’s lives (like pregnancy or maternity leave) when they need men a lot. Only a reliable person can make a woman feel comfortable.

02 – She is tired of meeting your demands.

Responding to many requirements of someone will make women feel tired. Do you ask her always being in great shape and a good mood, cooking unique food, reading intelligent books, and being able to communicate with your friends? If the answer is yes, you are asking too many things from her.

03 – She doesn’t feel like she is the only one.

Not only for women, anyone who is in a relationship always wants that they are the most important person for their partner. If a woman cannot see that you love them, they will choose to leave you.

04 – She is tired of your lack of trust and need for total control.

Trust is an important key in a mature relationship. If you try to control all her relationships, she will feel suffocated. It is ridiculous when she has to spend a week to get your permission to see her friends then having to answer your calls and texts during the whole evening. Too many suspicions is not a sign of a healthy relationship. Will you feel tired if you are in a relationship with a jealousy person? And if you have real reasons to not trust your girlfriend, why not leave her first?

05 – You are a source of negative emotions.

Finding bright new emotions is a good way to maintain the feelings in a relationship. But all ideas from your girlfriend are denied by you because you think that they are ridiculous. Or you are always unhappy, feeling low and lazy to try something new, she will want to move on and make her life more interesting without you.

06 – You are from 2 different worlds.

When we begin a relationship when we only see our partner and our world winds around them. We can’t think clearly and we ignore a lot of things like our family, who our friends are, and so on. Only after a while, when the excitement fades, do we realize that his friends are people you will never talk to or that her family is unbearable.

07 – You are too childish.

Women always want to have a mature man to lean on. She wants to have children but you want to leave your job and spend your time and money on a trip to Phuket with your friends. Or you want a new gaming console and the biggest piece of the cake. There are exceptions, but in general, women are not ready to date immature people.

08 – She is tired of giving without receiving.

A healthy relationship does not work in the way of giving without receiving. 2 independent adults can be together only when both of them really want to invest in the relationship equally and when they consistently express their feelings in words and through actions

09 – She is not sure you know what you want.

As we shared above, women usually prefer someone that they can lean on. They cannot support you if they are not sure what your plans are. And no one can achieve anything serious with a person who changes their mind all the time.

10 – Your plans for the near future are not the same.

Another reason that makes your girlfriend leave you is your plans for the near future are not the same as hers. When you cannot find a similar goal, it is difficult for both of you to support each other and try your best to gain achievement together. For example, she just finished some design courses, learned a language, and is looking into jobs abroad. But you plan to build a small house with a nice garden not far from your parents and not willing to move to another city.

Is there any reason you think that a woman will leave even if they love their partner a lot? Let share with us!