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Amazing Pesach Experience in Dubai

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Why not make Passover 2022 a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience? Why not travel to an area that previously you have been unable to go see and experience during this monumental days of celebration?  Why not look into the Amazing Pesach Experience in Dubai program?

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two of the exotic locations that have kosher travel operators on fire right now. The operators are examining and researching the Passover Programs that are going to be available. This all cam about because of the peace agreement signed between the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Israel in 2020. That peace agreement has opened opportunities and travel possibilities that were once never considered.


Everyone that knows anything about Passover knows that the food and dining for the week is a critical part of the celebration and observance. It is very important during this celebration time that the Jewish observers refrain from ingesting any food or drink that contains Chametz. This list of prohibited foods included leavened breads, or foods that are made using ingredients such as barley, wheat, oats, spelt or rye. In most restaurants and dining establishments you do not have the opportunity to find the proper foods for this critical dietary regulation.

There are kosher meal programs available in Dubai that take all of the worry, and preparation concerns away and replace them with wonderful food, and time to enjoy the religious holiday. The Kosher Place is supervised by Rabbi Levi Duchman who is the Chief Rabbi of the UAAE and is also a Chabad Shaliach. You can be sure that if you choose the Kosher Place for your dining during your vacation that everything will be kosher, will be prepared properly and will be in accordance with your religious observances.

You will also have access to packed lunches that you can take with you on your day trips. That eliminates the worry about where to find a proper Jewish lunch. You also will have the experience of partaking in a Seder celebration led by a Chabad Rabbi. Your Seder will be time honored and religiously uplifting unlike any Seder you have ever had before.

Prayers can be attended with the Rabbi leading them. There is a dedicated prayer and study room for you to take advantage of and enjoy. During your vacation week in Dubai for Pesach you will have ample time and opportunity to enjoy the local sites and sounds, but will also have the proper religious instruction and worship opportunities.

See the Sites

One of the things you will want to do while you are in Dubai is see the sites. You can do this through guided tours or you can strike out on your own exploration adventures. There are so many local shopping and culture experiences to be seen that you may want to do your site seeing on more than one day.

Helicopter tours are another way to get to see the area. For a very affordable fee you can see the beaches and waterways in a unique arial display. The pilot will provide extensive commentary that helps you know what you are seeing and much of the history behind the areas you are observing. You can book a flight for a short duration of 12 minutes or you can book a longer flight that gives you time to experience the area in greater detail.

If you prefer to tour the area from a sky view at a slightly slower pace then you can hop in a hot air balloon and rise above the hustle and bustle. The hot air balloon excursion will include a ride in vintage land rovers, breakfast, and the ability to take in the wonders and natural beauties of this area at a slightly slower and more controlled pace.

You want to experience the real cultural views of Dubai? Take a camel ride across the desert. Go sandboarding, or you can take a car tour. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you need to see to believe. The Red Dune Desert Safari will leave you breathless and exhilarated. It can be enjoyed by couples or families, because there is something about the desert for every age to discover and love.

If you are adventurous take a desert tour while riding a quad bike. This experience will provide you with a first hand look at the sites the desert has hidden among the sandy dunes. This is an experience that allows you to have control of your ride, and to see up close the wildlife and the elements of the desert in a unique manner.

Maybe you would prefer some water exploration rather than soaring the skies or riding through the desert. That is arrangeable., You can take a guided jet ski tour of Dubai seeing Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, Atlantis, Palm and Burj Khalifa. The jet skis give you a unique perception of these fabulous areas as they are seen from the water instead of from a car or from the land side of life.

Children and families will want to go to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo during their stay. Dubai is home to one of the largest aquariums in the world. It is located at the Dubai Mall along with the Dubai Ice Rink, and KidZania. The exotic species housed in the aquarium and underwater zoo are impressive to say the least. You can walk through a long tunnel that allows you to have a view of the aquatic species swimming over your head and by s swimming over your head and by our side.

If you have a need for speed then a speedboat tour may be the exact day trip you have been looking for. It is a very affordable excursion that will take a couple of hours to complete. You see the sites from the ocean view, enjoy the sea breezes, the fast speeds, and the unique perspective you can only get from a boat.

Make your Pesach 2022 one that you are never going to forget. Book your accommodations now to make sure that you do not miss out on this opportunity to see this magnificent area, and experience hidden treasure troves of fun and excitement.

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