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“Bio-hack your best life” Host Elisabeth Hoekstra’s New Book “The Recipe To Elevated Consciousness” Mirrors How to Gain Success in Life

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Elisabeth Hoekstra, a person who has carved out an enviable place for herself in the domain of podcasts and different other fields, has taken a bold step to pave the way for people to lead successful lives through her newest book “The Recipe To Elevated Consciousness”.

An excellent self-help book, it is going to be available for pre-order from February 14, 2022, on the happy occasion of the birthday of Ms. Hoekstra. This book can be obtained on the 4biddenknowledge website’s online store.

Starting her life as a teen as a fashion model and actress, she turned into a successful entrepreneur becoming the Director of Operations at 4biddenknowledge Inc in subsequent years. She attributes her success to her passion for learning and helping people.

In whatever industry or sector Ms. Hoekstra might have been working, this passion to help others always propelled her to move ahead. Her latest book “The Recipe To Elevated Consciousness” is also a reflection of it. 

In fact, the book portrays the near incredible life story of Ms. Hoekstra leading to her success as an entrepreneur. This book shows personal and real-life experiences of how Ms. Hoekstra properly utilized powerful holistic modalities to heal her traumas and take control of her life back.

Naturally, “The Recipe To Elevated Consciousness” may hold the key to improving trauma, stress, strain, physical and psychological problems plaguing many people. They find the meaning of life after reading this wonderful book. 

In her own words, Ms. Hoekstra says “Extending a helping hand to people is something that I have been liking and engaged in since my early life. In fact, we all live in a society. Hence, we must try to give back whatever we have achieved in this society is one of its integral components.”

It is here where Ms. Hoekstra’s positive approach toward human life comes to the fore. This, however, is quite natural as she started her voluntary service and philanthropic activities during her days at the high school. He went to Matamoros in Mexico to help the orphaned children there.

Ms. Hoekstra worked with the Michigan-based “Communities in schools” to help underprivileged children with getting to school, backpacks, school supplies, and tutoring assistance.

A multi-talented person, Ms. Hoekstra excelled in whatever field she stepped in. No wonder, she created her independent identity as a top pastry chef. Her success as host of the popular podcast Bio-Hack Your Best Life, which releases weekly along with her co-host Billy Carson, the President, and CEO of 4biddenknowledge Inc. has clocked a large number of followers.

It may be very interesting to know that Ms. Elisabeth spent over 10 years gaining first-hand knowledge in multiple fields and also proved her mastery in them. Here, her mental alacrity and fortitude need to be emulated. Besides, one can certainly get rid of the trauma if the example of Ms. Hoekstra is followed by them.

In fact, the vicissitudes of the life of Ms. Hoekstra, an immigrant-adopted child, really can act as a source of inspiration to thousands of others to cultivate their inner qualities and virtues to grow in life (like her).

The success did not come easy for Ms. Hoekstra. She struggled to achieve it braving multiple odds. Finally, she became a successful fashion model, an actress, a chef, an entrepreneur, and an author of self-help books.

Ms. Hoekstra has already become a role model to hundreds of other people. She has proved life is worth living no matter howsoever problems come in their way.

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