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Boy Meets World: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

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Fans of Boy Meets World got the chance to watch Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) grow up, and his experiences as a young child and older teenager are equally interesting. He can’t help but get into trouble at school and at home, and he realizes that his feelings for Topanga Lawrence (Danielle Fishel) might be stronger than he originally thought.

Some parts of the show evolved as the seasons piled up, but one thing is for sure: there are some people in Cory’s life who are smarter than others. Fans who love this innocent, nostalgic show can definitely pick out the characters with the highest and lowest IQ points.

10 Jack Hunter

Shawn’s brother Jack (Matthew Lawrence) never seems like a super smart guy. He and Cory’s brother Eric are great friends, which means that sometimes, Jack acts really immaturely.

Jack and Eric fight over a girl, Rachel (Maitland Ward), which shows that Jack doesn’t have a lot of intelligence. It’s never a good idea to get into an argument with a good friend over a love interest, as it can ruin the friendship and hurt everyone involved.

9 Morgan Matthews

Cory’s little sister Morgan (played by Lily Nicksay and Lindsey Ridgeway) isn’t the smartest of all of the Boy Meets World characters, but that’s simply because she’s young and has a lot to learn about life.

Viewers don’t get to know Morgan a lot as she doesn’t appear in a ton of episodes, and fans noticed that she was absent from an entire season. She says a few funny things but doesn’t seem as preconscious and intelligent as some other TV children, like Michelle Tanner on Full House.

8 Alan Matthews

Eric and Cory’s dad Alan (William Russ) is a tradition-oriented guy. He seems on the conservative side and he doesn’t stand out from the countless strict TV fathers on sitcoms.

Alan could be much more patient than he is, and that takes away from his intelligence points, as he can get too angry too quickly. He should slow down a bit more and think about his family and what they need from him.

7 Amy Matthews

Betsy Randle’s Boy Meets World character Amy is a sweetheart who helps Cory a lot. She doesn’t think that her husband should be so nice and easygoing with Eric, as he gets into trouble a lot and he needs a firmer hand. She isn’t one of the most terrible moms on TV but she’s definitely a bit dull.

Amy is definitely smart enough to know that Eric should be given some more rules and that he needs to have more ambition in life, but she’s not quite as intelligent as some of the other characters.

6 Eric Matthews

Will Friedle’s character Eric Matthews can be immature about his love life and about a lot of other things, too. Although most people wouldn’t say that he’s a scholar, he does have moments where he seems to really get the meaning of life.

Eric is a lot smarter than people might think, and Mr. Feeny even points out that Eric doesn’t have to try very hard and can do well in school. Of course, the problem is that he doesn’t try hard at all, and he does act pretty silly a lot of the time.

5 Cory Matthews

From the very first episode, fans know that Cory Matthews is adorable, and he’s a relatable protagonist as he’s young and still learning how to be in the world.

The problem with Cory is that sometimes he can be selfish and lazy. In the pilot, for instance, he listens to a game instead of being present with what’s going in class. As he grows up, he gets smarter, but for a while, he seems to always do the wrong thing.

4 Jonathan Turner

Fans didn’t get to say goodbye to Mr. Turner and that’s a shame, as he’s one of the best characters on the show.

He’s also one of the smartest. Besides being a great teacher who seems like he has a lot of wisdom to impart, he takes Shawn in and tries to be a parental figure to him. He’s smart enough to know that Shawn is suffering and he tries to help the best way that he can.

3 Shawn Hunter

Boy Meets World tugged at the heartstrings with important storylines, as the show would get real about how hard life can be sometimes.

Shawn wasn’t raised in the kind of loving home that Cory and Eric were, and he has had a lot of struggles because of that, but he’s also a naturally smart guy. He’s one of the most brilliant people on the show because he can think on his feet. He has “street smarts” and it seems like he’ll do well in life because of that.

2 Topanga Lawrence

Topanga is definitely one of the most intelligent characters on Boy Meets World, even if she’s a bit too aware of that fact.

While everyone gets tired of Topanga’s attitude about how she should always get straight A’s, no one can deny the fact that she’s a quick thinker who does really well in school. She seems to apply herself more than the other characters.

1 Mr. Feeny

Mr. Feeny (William Daniels) is one of the greatest educators in pop culture, that’s for sure. Mr. Feeny is also the smartest character on the show.

He gives Cory and his friends life advice, he helps them out, and he wants them to grow up and have the tools that they need to make it in the real world. He cares deeply about them and is also a sensitive, emotional person, even if he seems a bit stiff and formal at first.

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