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Breaking Bad Already Did F9’s Super-Magnet Stunt – Only MUCH Better

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In F9, Team Toretto levels up big time with super-magnets that basically provide their race cars with telekinesis. They’re able to chuck cop cars out of the way to clear a path on the roads, suck in enemy vehicles and also attract debris to ensure no one can tail them. It makes their vehicles more powerful than ever as they try to stop John Cena’s terrorists. They even tried to use magnets in space to fry the satellite Jakob needs to upload the Aries weapon into, although the film’s deus ex machina failed in orbit. However, Breaking Bad’s fifth and final season already performed these magnet tricks and did it much better.

In the premiere, “Live Free or Die,” Walt needed to figure out a way to erase the contents of Gus’ hard-drive after Hank and the FBI busted the operation. It was all due to Walt killing Gus, which led to Gus’ computer being taken to an Albuquerque outpost.

Mike Ehrmantraut advised Walt and Jesse to flee town as Gus kept footage of them cooking meth in his lab on the machine, but the duo made it clear they could infiltrate the precinct. Ironically, as Walt and Mike argued, Jesse remembered at least one thing from science class: magnets could wipe the drives.

It’s a memorable moment of brilliance that resulted in the crew using Old Joe’s junkyard to test super-industrial magnets. Walt realized magnets would work but they’d need a van and a lot of battery power to generate an electromagnetic field strong enough to penetrate thick walls of concrete.

After they mapped out the station, they silently drove close to a wall, turned up the juice and attracted all the metal inside the evidence room, including the laptop. It was a remarkable heist because by the time the cops came outside upon realizing the laws of attraction, Team Heisenberg was already gone.

The mission was a success with not a trace left and no casualties in sight, which isn’t the case in F9 as Dom and Co. tear through Europe, leaving a lot of collateral damage in public. Heisenberg’s posse was totally stealth and pretty effective, but as incognito as it was, Walt’s actions did ruin their empire.

He used way too many batteries, and in addition to the unregistered van getting stuck to the wall, one of Gus’ pictures cracked, revealing intel on a Cayman Islands account. Hank would then use this to track the associates of Los Pollos Hermanos, linking Mike to Gus, so ultimately Walt shot himself in the foot. What made it even more ironic was that the computer was encrypted and Hank’s guys had no way in, but at least Jesse got to show Walt he was a genius outside of the lab.

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