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Breaking Bad: Walter’s Most UNFORGIVABLE Moment Haunted Bryan Cranston

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In Breaking Bad, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) had plenty of irredeemable moments, ranging from murder and cooking meth to betraying family members and friends. However, what few fans know is that the character’s most unforgivable act actually haunted Cranston in the real world.

The moment is the death of Krysten Ritter’s Jane towards the end of Season 2. During Breaking Bad’s sophomore outing, Jane wanted Jesse (Aaron Paul) to get the money Walt owed him and leave the meth empire. Part of her reasoning was that she was selfish, but she also wanted to get clean from heroin and figured a trip away with Jesse would do the trick, for both of them.

Walt hated the idea of his protege leaving right when business was heating up, and his frustration was made worse because Jane was blackmailing him. Everything came to a head when Walt tried to sneak into Jesse’s apartment to convince him Jane was evil one night, only to find them asleep after a binge. Soon after Walt entered, Jane began vomiting and choking, but he refused to intervene. He left her to die, which was made even harder to watch because he had just unknowingly spent time with her dad, Donald, at a bar.

Jane’s death created a tailspin of events, including Donald causing a plane to crash over Walt’s home a few weeks later and Jesse becoming even more entangled in Walt’s empire. The incident would also be stored as a jab in Season 5 when Walt hurt Jesse by letting him know he watched and enjoyed seeing Jane die. But it was so impactful, in fact, that Cranston admitted in an interview on The Rich Eisen Show that it shook him up because, as a method actor, he saw his own daughter, actor Taylor Dearden, in Jane’s place.

Cranston confessed it hurt to film the scene because it was personal seeing a woman suffering, as it reminded him of a father’s worst fear — burying their children. The actor even got choked up during the discussion as he detailed how it was the most crushing scene he had to experience during his time on the AMC series.

And despite Jane’s death taking place in Season 2, it would also continue to haunt the audience throughout the rest of the series’ run. Donald would attempt to take his own life later on and Jesse’s story would get any happier until the events of El Camino. This event was also a significant point in Walt’s downturn, one that would pave the road for him to turn his back on everyone he once held close.

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