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Data The Foundation of Knowledge


Data Data is the collection of information. Data is the exchange in process of inquiries. Data is the process in which is giving of collective information or ideas useful to an individual. Data don’t not have a specific definition to its meaning but talking about how important data is to human being is realizing that human are created with the capability and knowledge of creating a data which is also known as an information, and the process of information giving, information collection, information exchange, and information distribution, but am trying to say is clearly to our understand in the process that data formation begins from sender -information -receiver-feedback. How can we know how data is been process? We have different ways of which data are shared such include : Discussion, Words exchange, Voice recording, Note typing, Passing message, Receiving message, and many more. Data is very important to human cause its a way of communication or trying to get the answer to either logistics, statistics ( figures), numbers or useful documents. The capacity of how human being reason is not 100% percent appropriate which is the reason why technology make it possible to create a machine smart enough to accept recognize data process it and give it out as an information. Michael Faraday law of collection of raw data and biochemical stated that when deep a person go in researching , his information is his priority. Which explain the fact that lead someone to his achievement on trying to know more details on something or someone his greatest idea is to stating in full details educating and studing that thing in particular no matter how far or hard it is. The final result is the information he or she collected to describe and understand what he or she is trying to study. Human beign have the memories right from childhood to adult all store in their brains, all those memories are data which gives a person the format of understand life and also acknowledging the different between right and wrong, The world itself is created with the information of how it was started and how it came be possible. Again all the history of the pass are data or information in record to always remember the deeds and stories of the past life and legends who die trying to figure out what it mean to be on earth and how it lead to the present. Yesterday has its information, today has its information and tomorrow yet to come which no one can tell what await and what will become.

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