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Denver Nonprofit Buys Hotel, Transforms It Into 139 Mini-Apartments for the Homeless

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It is evident that in the United States, homelessness and long-term poverty have increased recently, primarily due to high housing costs, lack of affordable housing, and stagnant wages.

For these reasons, housing problems have grown in Denver and many other cities in Colorado, and according to one local survey, at least 5,755 homeless people live in Mile High City.

In trying to solve the problem, Colorado Paramount Coalition for Homeless (CCH) President John Parvensky found the perfect opportunity when he saw the Quality Inn and Suites for sale. In essence, he got the idea to buy the former hotel and turn it into a place where unhoused residents will be able to rebuild their lives.

He has been at the forefront of a local nonprofit since 1985, and has judged this to be an extraordinary opportunity and has purchased a 139-room hotel for $ 8.4 million. To this end, he used a combination of private, state and city funds. The hotel was renamed Fusion Studios and it is the 17th of its kind to open in its 30+ year work on the issue.

The building has been redeveloped into 139 “micro-apartments,” and will serve as a key source of shelter and support for a large number of urban unhoused residents, who continue to struggle for survival in the face of a city-camp ban. This ban is still in force despite being declared unconstitutional by a county judge.

President John Parvensky told the Colorado Springs Gazette:
“The project was really born out of desperation. We were scratching our heads trying to figure out how we can shorten the time period so that the people who are on the streets tonight have a place to call their home as quickly as possible.”
People coming from shelters across the city or even directly from the streets can use these rooms and they will have access to special vouchers from the state and city, which in fact ensures that they will only have to pay 30 percent of their rental income.

According to Parvensky, most tenants will only pay about $ 100 a month, and that money is probably secured from benefits such as disability payments.

It is planned to equip each room with a kitchenette, a private bathroom, and a pantry. Equipment such as a bed, dresser, mini-fridge, television, table and chair, and microwave are also planned.

Denver’s housing department manager Britta Fisher has given commendable words to Fusion Studios, calling it “practical current housing.”

On the day of the opening ceremony last month, she said for Den Veri that the need for such housing units was necessary and that she sincerely hoped that such a model could be replicated and that partnerships be established elsewhere in Denver.


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