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Do You Agree With These Reactions To Victoria Pedretti’s Acting In “You” Season 3

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This lovely human is Victoria Pedretti, aka our queen of spooky season!

You may recognize her as Nell Crain from The Haunting of Hill House, Dani Clayton from The Haunting of Bly Manor, and, of course, Ms. Love Quinn from everyone’s favorite chaotic murder show, You.

While it was easy to fall in love with Victoria’s portrayal of the sweet baker with a traumatic past in Season 2, she really took her performance up several notches this past season.

From hilariously clapping back at the snotty parents who were poking fun at her baby weight…

…to continuously putting Joe in his place, it wasn’t hard for me, and the rest of the Internet, to become completely head over heels obsessed with the murderess of Madre Linda.

Here are some of the best reactions to Victoria’s performance:

Love Quinn every time there’s a slight inconvenience to her day. #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3

— Ryan25 (@RLCFC25) October 19, 2021

if love quinn bad why sexy

— rona ☾ (@chrryfilms) October 20, 2021

yes love quinn is insane. insanely hot and i would treat her so much better than joe goldberg ever would

— ًkaylee || EUPHORIA DAY!! (@arioIasIuts) October 22, 2021

love quinn when the sun shines a little too hard on joe

— em ✨ (@uhhmmily) October 24, 2021

Still don't understand why Joe look at others women, knowing he's married at Love

Love Quinn #YouNetflix #YouS3 #YOUSEASON3 #You #LOVEQUINN #JoeGoldberg

— Kendra (@iamkendra022) October 19, 2021

thinking about love quinn <3 #younetflix

— tine 𖤐 (@tinemdx) October 19, 2021

Love Quinn dressed to kill, literally

— A✰ (@madeoflavenderr) October 18, 2021

I like how now Love Quinn is trending because She deserves all the attention…. LOOK AT HER!!!

— 𝒜𝓁𝓁𝓎 (@allymead_) October 22, 2021

can love quinn lock me in that glass box ? cause this side of her was kinda hot .. 😩#younetflix  #youseason3

— m (@rarebadgley) October 19, 2021

Just out here lookin’ for my Love Quinn. You feel?#YouNetflix

— HiTop Alex (@HiTopFilms) October 25, 2021

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