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DWTS: Olivia Jade Thanks Howard Stern For His Constant Support

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Olivia Jade is taking a moment to thank radio DJ Howard Stern for his consistent support throughout her Dancing With The Stars journey. It’s been a bumpy ride for Olivia as she’s been forced to face the reality of the public’s perception of her after her family got wrapped up in the college admissions scandal. Though she originally wanted to compete on ABC’s hit dancing franchise to showcase who she truly is at her core, she has had to deal with the wrath of questions about her family from the public and the media, rather than just her performance like the rest of this season’s cast. All in all, Olivia admits that she often feels like she’s walking on eggshells trying to win everyone over.

Dancing With The Stars honored the music of the late Freddie Mercury this week. The 22-year-old influencer had a great performance Monday night dancing the quickstep to Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls.” Olivia and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy received three tens and one eight from the judges’ panel, giving the couple a total score of 38 out of 40. Monday’s performance was their highest-scoring yet.

In a post-show interview, Olivia told Screen Rant that while it’s been difficult to win fan votes this season, her loudest supporters don’t go unnoticed. When Howard’s name was mentioned, Olivia seemed to be surprised and thankful. “I will take any support I can get. Thank you Howard Stern,” Olivia said. “I’m a fan and I’m very grateful that he has my back.” The young star added that she had no idea Howard was supporting her on his radio station and discussing her routines, but hopes it’s a good omen since the last time he supported someone on the show, they ended up taking home the coveted Mirror Ball trophy. In wrapping up, Val noted that he’d been a longtime listener of Howard’s, so the respect and admiration is mutual.

As for Olivia’s high scores this week, the influencer “doesn’t know how that happened.” But Val reassured her it was because they had a great night on the ballroom floor. “I’m very proud of her. She worked really hard. I was very tough on her this week especially,” Val said. “It’s nice to see her experience her first ten and that feeling of owning the night. It was really special.” In a clip that aired before the pair’s performance, Val was shown giving Olivia a little tough love during this week’s rehearsals. Though the couple ended up receiving their highest score yet, Olivia claims it’s time for her partner to find a different approach. “We’re done with the tough love,” Olivia said. “I mean, I get it. It’s really, really intense and we’re coming towards the end and we both really want to be here. Also, we’ve been dancing for so long that I get the frustration too like there are things that I should probably pick up on a little faster than I do, but he’s very patient for the most part.”

Olivia is one tough cookie dealing with the public’s critiques and Val’s tough love. Nonetheless, the beauty influencer is proving that she has the endurance and skill to stay in the competition. Dancing With The Stars gave Olivia a fresh plate and she is most definitely wiping it clean. Olivia still seems to have support from fans, and having Stern on her side no doubt makes her feel a bit better about her current struggles.

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