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Earth The Planet Which Came To Existing More Like Others Planet

The World
A Planet Which Came To Existing More Like Others Planet, Its A Planet Consisting Of Nature.
Many Humans Believe In Different Stories About All Creation Came To Existence.
Others Believe God The Most, Is The Creator Of Everything That Came To Existence.
God Is More Greater Than Humans We Can Imagine.
Our Main Topic ( The World ).
I Find It Difficult To Understand This World Simply Acknowledge.
Earth Is Circle And The Foundation Created On It Is Spherical.
Nature It Self Clarify How Amazing And Superb The Earth Is Created.
There Are Things I Would Like To Briefly State About This Earth, Step After Step.
1- Life Begins With A Very Amazing And Wonderful Creation, We Humans Mostly Learn That ‘god Created Human Being From Sand. Imagining This Makes Me Understand That Every Living Thing Is Fortune To End, And From The Beginning Of Time, Everything That Has A Beginning Definitely Has An End. If We Are All Created From Clay And We Live To Die Somehow, Some Days, This Notify Me That We Don’t Own Ourselves Instead Everyone’s Life Is Control By The Creator.
2- I Believe As Everyone Always Says That All Humans Are Created Equally, Yes Everyone Is Created Equally But The Honest Thing There Is, When You Go Round, You Will Understand With Me That What Makes Us Equal Is Just The Human Form We All Share, Body Flesh And Blood And To Me I Found No Related Ideas About Been Created Equally, My Point Here Is: There Are People Born Rich, Others Poor, Others Cripple, Others Lame, Others Blind, Others Deaf, Others Dump, Others Dwarf, Others Handsome Or Beautiful While Others Ugly, Others White And Others Black, Others Mighty And Others Awkward.
The Rich Or Wealthy Find The Poor Less Privileged To Rule Or Control Them By Any Means Because They Are Rich Enough While The Poor Struggle Day And Night To Be Able To Satisfy Their Needs. On This Aspect We Will Realize That Some Poor People At Times Go Far In Praising Or Worship The Wealthy Once, Lets Rethink Again Severally During Campaign Or Election They Poor Are Use Or Fooled By The Rich With Just A Few Amount Of Money To Slaughter One Another While They Seat At Home Safe And Secured With People Around Them Who Are Ready To Risk Their Lives In Making Sure No Harm Affect Them.
3- Death: I Went Deep On My Thought And I Also Came To Realize That No Matter How Poor, Rich, Little, Big, Strong, Wealthy, Good, Bad, You Will Surely Die In Any Way.
The Life We Live Is More Like A Borrowed Object That Buy Us Sometimes To Live Here On Earth, People Believe There Is Life After Death, The Truth Fact Is That Is Not Clearly Acknowledged Because Only A Soul Of The Death Experience Such Life.
I Believe In Me That There Is Life After Death But Not As I Am Several Told About.

God Be With Us All.

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