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Envy Means Wishing For Something

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Envy, Envy Is Also Wishing To Be Like Someone, Envy Again Is Same As Wishing For What Someone Has. 

Others Can See It As Jealousness, But Been Envy Is A Normal Feelings Of Anyone As Long As Everyone In This Life Are Not Equal The Progress Of Someone Will Make Another Person Wish To Have The Same Thing The Other One Has That Is Envies. 

To Envy Is To Having Interest  Feelings On Another Person Either Well Being Or Way Of Living. 

Someone May Wish To Be Well Being Like Someone, On The Aspect Of Well Being, Someone  Cripple Could Always Feel Bad And Wish He Has Leg Like The Fellow People He See Around Walking With There Two Leg, He Will Wish To Feel The Expression Of Walking But The Fact That He Doesn't Have The Legs He Only Envy Others. 

Talking About The Way Of Living, A Poor Person Will Always Feel Enjoying The Same Life Of A Rich Man, The Kind Of House They Live, The Kind Of Cars They Drive, The Kind Of Clothes They Wear, The Kind Of Money The Spends, These Are The Kind Of Feelings Someone Who Don't Have Things Like That Will Feel Seeing Others Around Them Enjoying The Life. 

To Envy Someone Is Not Wrong  Cause No One Is Best Of All In This Life, Someone Is Sick Either Cripple And Wish To Walk Like The Other Man Who Pass In Front Of Him, And That Man Walking Wish Have His Own Car After Seeing Someone Driving A Car, The Person Who Was Driving Is Wishing To Be Like His Manager At His Place Of Work, And His Manager Is Wishing To Be Like The Governor Of The State. 

On This We Will Understand That Condition Make A Person Wish To Be More In Life Even With The One He Has.