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Every The Wire Actor Who Returned For We Own This City

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The much anticipated We Own This City premiered on HBO, with the creators of the legendary show The Wire, David Simon and George Pelecanos, taking the helm. With the same creators also came the return of some of the cast of The Wire for parts in We Own This City. The news of these returning actors bought a huge amount of excitement that We Own This City could reach incredible heights. The Punisher and The Walking Dead star Jon Bernthal also appears as the lead character Wayne Jenkins, really rounding out We Own This City’s star-studded cast.

We Own This City is based on the staggering true story of the rise and fall of The Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task and the corruption ingrained within. An investigation led to the department being arrested in one of the country’s biggest and most shocking scandals. Portraying real-life characters is always complicated, so the way that the actors represent them is set to be pivotal to how We Own This City is received. The Wire was well-received by both critics and viewers, and the strong cast was instrumental in making sure that it was a success. Having those actors return to play characters in We Own This City can only be a positive aspect.

The Wire had a number of seasons to flesh out its characters and develop them, but in We Own This City these characters are thrust upon the audience much more directly due to the fact that We Own This City is a mini-series. There is less room in the HBO miniseries for character development so their portrayal is likely to be more direct and to the point. Here are the actors in We Own This City who also appeared in The Wire.

Delaney Williams As BPD Police Commissioner Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis is the Baltimore Police Department Police Commissioner and is at the forefront during the investigation of the Gun Trace Task Force. Delaney Williams has been in many police shows in his time and comes into his own in these types of roles. In The Wire, he portrays Jay Landsman, who is also part of the Baltimore Police Department as a squad sergeant and was based on a real-life Baltimore City police officer of the same name.

Jamie Hector As Detective Sean M. Suiter

There hasn’t been too much from Detective Sean M. Suiter in episode one of We Own This City, with only a few glimpses of him on screen. however, based on the We Own This City true story he is undoubtedly going to play a massive role in the coming episodes and his importance will only increase. Jamie Hector is known for his sensational role in The Wire as the iconic Marlo Stanfield.

Tray Chaney As Gordon Hawk

Tray Chaney is portraying Gordon Hawk, one of the Harford County Narcotics Task Force investigators who are set to assist in bringing down the Gun Trace Task Force. In We Own This City episode 1, Gordan Hawk is in constant action alongside David McDougall. In The Wire he was Malik ‘Poot’ Carr, a drug dealer turned salesman.

Bobby J. Brown As Thomas Allers

Bobby J. Brown portrays Thomas Allers in We Own This City, one of the more experienced BPD officers who is also part of the corrupt Gun Trace Task Force. In The Wire, the actor played someone with the same name, Officer Bobby Brown. He was a police officer for the western district of Baltimore City.

Domenick Lombardozzi As Stephen Brady

In The Wire, Domenick Lombardozzi was Detective Thomas ‘Herc’ Hauk, a criminal defense investigator. Early on in the show, he worked alongside Ellis Carver in narcotics. In We Own This City, Lombardoizzi plays the president of the Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police, Stephen Brady.

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