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Family Of Daunte Wright To Receive $3.2 Million Following His De’ath At The Hands Of Former Po’lice Officer Kim Potter

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Back in February, former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter was se’ntenced to two years in pr’ison for trag’ically k’illing 20-year-old Daunte Wright—and now Wright’s family has been awarded a multi-million-dollar settlement regarding his de’ath. It was just announced that the city of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota has officially agreed to award the family of Daunte Wright $3.2 million for his wrongful de’ath.

@APNews reports, in addition to awarding the family of Daunte Wright over $3 million, the suburb of Brooklyn Center has also added various changes to its law enforcement po’licies and training procedures, specifically regarding traffic stops like the incident that led to Daunte’s de’ath. Just after the settlement was declared, the Wright family spoke about the changes they hope will come about to avoid another tr’agic encounter involving local law enforcement. Family members (via their attorney Anthony M. Romanucci) said they “hope and believe the measures of change to poli’cing, pol’icies and training will create important improvements to the community in Daunte’s name.”

Romanucci continued, adding “Nothing can bring him back, but the family hopes his legacy is a positive one and prevents any other family from enduring the type of grief they will live with for the rest of their lives.” You’ll recall that back in April 2021, Kim Potter shot and k’illed Daunte Wright after stopping him for expired tags. She then claimed that she was reaching for her taser, but instead drew her g’un and shot him in the chest. Potter was co’nvicted of first and second-degree man’sla’ughter and is curre’ntly serving two years in pri’son.

After Daunte Wright’s de’ath and the outrage that followed, the Brooklyn Center City Council passed a host of city reform measures, including the use of social workers and other trained professionals to respond to medical, mental health and social-needs calls that don’t require pol’ice.

In addition, the chan’ges also pr’ohibit local po’lice officers from making ar’rests for low-level of’fenses and also require the city to use unarmed civilians to handle minor tr’affic vio’lations.

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