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Fans Bingeing Netflix’s New ‘All Of Us Are Dead,’ And It Already Has 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

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Netflix released its newest thriller over the weekend, and many people have already finished the series, titled: “All Of Us Are Dead.” The Zombie movie is tremendously making waves as the #3 TV series on Netflix in the United States. And according to Flix Patrol and Comicbook report, the Korean thriller is also now the #1 series in the world, competing with Squid Game.

All Of Us Are Dead is a new South Korean thriller, and it’s already earned a 100 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes.

It didn’t take viewers all the time in the world to liken the series, and many have since praised All Of Us Are Dead as being on par. The new drama occurs in a high school where rapped students must escape the grounds, which have become ground zero for a zombie outbreak. Many viewers have since pointed out the show share one of the same actors in Squid Game.

The Zombie horror has been praised by audiences and critics alike after dropping over the weekend.

According to ComicBook, the series has already reached the third spot on the streaming platform in the US. 

Lee Yoo Mi- portrayed Ji-Yeong [ number 420] in Squid Game but in All Of Us Are Dead, the actor plays Na-Yeon. Some people have equally emphasized that fans of Squid Game would enjoy the newly released, given that the two shows share some of the same themes. However, others refute the comparisons, stating they are nothing alike and that All Of Us Are Dead deserves more hype than Squid Game.

The thriller takes place in a high school that becomes overrun with zombies.

It features a young cast, starring Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hoo, and Jo Yi-Hyun, and was written by Lee Jae-Gyu.

So far, the series has received positive reviews from fans and critics. At the moment, it holds a 100% approval score on Rotten Tomatoes. Guardian Film Critic Stuart Heritage has said: “God, South Korea is good at this sort of thing. This is the third Korean Netflix original in just a few months to blow me away. Anyone who has seen Train to Busan will know that South Korea are world-beaters when it comes to telling stories about the undead.”

All of Us Are Dead is filled with action and gore, making it a thrilling journey.

The Verge’s Sara Merican added: “The high school setting in All Of Us Are Dead marks a unique departure from previous locations used in Korean Zombie shows. In the midst of the dread and destruction, the youthful setting opens up opportunities for adolescent banter and burgeoning love.”

You can now watch the whole first season on Netflix.

However, fans of Squid Game would enjoy the new series as the two shows share some of the same themes.

Variety’s Caroline Framke equally stated: “It’s a sprawling cast, and with the addition of several adult factions outside the campus struggling to keep the outbreak under control, episodes are dense and run longer than necessary. But the school plotline works, in large part thanks to continued ingenuity with the props and sets and the charismatic young cast, with Yoon Chan-young and Cho-Yi Hyun as notable standouts.”

Here’s The Full Trailer:

And Here’s How People Reacted To The New Series:

All Of Us Are Dead: a good, gory and bleakly funny companion series to Squid Game that also functions as an expression or reflection of extreme hopelessness. Weee!

— alex (@alex_abads) January 29, 2022

Me watching her. Me watching her
in squid game😭 in All of us are
dead 😑.

— KXKI (@KPOPBLFAN) January 29, 2022

All of us are dead is about to be the most talked about Korean series Of 2022, Just Like Squid game.

Wizkid Burna solomon

— Obiechigha II (@Henry_Indenial) January 31, 2022

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