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Feeling Electric Shocks After 5g! Mystery of random electric shocks

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In the past few days, a newspaper cutting became viral along with many messages. Buzz was around various incidents of feeling an electric shock from touching various objects and other human beings by many people. Some claim it to be weather, and some blame 5G radiation for it. According to the viral texts, 5G radiations flowing in the air are the reason for the electric shocks faced by people. As per the viral article and tweets on the name of Pratham News, 5G radiations are causing an imbalance in the protons and electrons in the air resulting in electric shocks. Different people are sharing their experiences with similar incidents. The 5G radiations are being targeted to be Major offenders according to the views of the population. But no substantial evidence has come to light that can prove the statements. To understand what these shocks are and the reason behind them, we need to dig a bit deeper. 

Are You Feeling Sudden Electric Shocks?

The mild electric shocks from different objects can usually be felt. It is not something happening suddenly. These shocks, to be specific, are not flowing or live electric shocks. These are static electricity shocks mainly felt due to the sudden movement of statically charged atoms from one body to another. The atoms include electrons. The imbalance in electrons of an atom by friction or other reasons causes a charge and activates an atom. This charged or active atom causes shock when they come in contact with an object of opposite charge. It is pretty common to feel a shock occasionally. The difference now is the raised frequency of the occurrence of such shocks. This sudden increase has caught attention globally. 

Science Behind these Shocks

Coming to the claim of whether being responsible for shocks, some facts are well known. The science behind such shocks says that in fall weather conditions, the air is cold and dry. This cold and dry air carries less water vapor than the hot air we feel in summers. This dry air makes it difficult for electrons to travel freely. Those suspended electrons can only transmit via direct contact, so when you touch an object with opposite charge or metals to be more peculiar, they quickly transfer to the object, and ZAPP…… a mild shock sometimes accompanied with crackle sound stuns you. This process of transfer is so fast that it causes a mild electric shock. These kinds of shocks are not harmful at all. 

Why 5G and Electric Shocks are linked?

They are now talking about the other reason, the 5G network. First of all, let’s get familiar with this electrifying network. 5G, a new latest high-speed communication technology, is promising a global approach and usage in the near time. This upcoming service will ablaze the speed of downloading, streaming, and sharing for the users. 5G technology is the work of many countries and telecommunication companies. No person or company owns this network. However, the name Qualcomm highlights as a significant contributor to this invention.

5g Technology5g Technology

Technical Specifications Of 5G

Following are the technical specification of 5G:- 

  • Speed

While taking a glance at the working and techno specification of the network, we are enlightened with a good speed of 4 GBPS downloading speed and 200 MBPS uploading speed. It is planned to provide said speed in dense areas as well. As per the Global mobile Suppliers Association, 5G has been launched in 61 countries but within some specific regions. 5G will provide a radially fast rate for data transmission compared to existing 4G networks that have not been successful in dense regions as predicted. 

  • Frequency Range

Operation at such a speed, 5G network frequencies range between 3.5 GHz to 39 GHz. 5G antennas emit a considerable amount of electromagnetic frequencies, which are being absorbed by the tissues of human bodies as well. The electromagnetic radiations emitted by the 5G network react with human tissues and cause heating and a rise in the temperature of the human body. But that effect is negligible, as per WHO reports

Different Reports About 5g and Electric shocks 

The electric shocks from objects happening in India are also impossible because of the 5G network. The network has not been launched in India yet and is predicted to roll out in 2022, per the India Today report. According to the report, India is still in the transition phase and cannot launch the network as the preparatory work has not yet been finished. Had been done Only preliminary testing, and no particular flaw has been detected. 

5G, as per the various studies, is not that much harmful to human health. But we have minimal studies concerning the health hazards of 5G network electromagnetic waves. These may not be sufficient to lead us to a conclusion regarding safety. However, the 5G network is not a prime offender for giving us shocks as we still do not have strong evidence to prove it. The viral article dictated no proper reference or research. It involved all verbal statements presenting different views.


So, again coming to our question, is 5G responsible for electric shocks? With all the information we have received or published based on various research and scientific facts, 5G can cause some radiation-related problems, but these electric shocks are still not in their charge sheet. Still, the weather being a solid point and having a background of periodic shocks, we can say it is the main reason. On this issue, here is a full fact-based conclusion, there is still a need for more research regarding the 5G network.

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