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Followership The Unsung Hero of Leadership Success

Life Has Two Mutilate Venture, Is Either You Are A Leader Of A Follower.
The Condition Assess Of Money Is The Prior Of Power, What I Mean Is This, When An Individual Is Wealthy Such Person Will Use His Money To Compete Of Power And On The Process The Voters Who Elect Or Vote Him For That Tittle In Specific Are Mostly Poor That Is According To Constitutional Aspect.

Now In Another Form, A Follower Could Be In Religion Perspective.
Someone Who Is Dedicated To A Particular Believe Is Known As A Follow.

Followership Is The Process Of Believing, Worshipping, Strong Commitment, And Many More.
Follower As A Person Abide By His Leader Command, Held To His Advice And Instructions And Dedicate Himself To His Leader, But Fortunate Some Leaders Become Naive And Selfish That Will Lead To Frustrating Their Followers.

Further Information : A Good Follower Is Require To Be:
– Submissive
– Respective
– Integrity
– Honesty
– Humble
– Obedient
When Both They Leaders And The Followers Are Good And Not Corruptive Their Living Will Be Responsive And The Idea Of Maltreating Their Followers Wouldn’t Be A Thinkable.
Lack Of Good Leadership And Followership Could Lead To Corruption, Killings, Robbery, Brutality And Many More.

Some Follower Understand That The Can’t Do Without The Help And Protection Of Their Leaders, And Its Certain That Most Followers Are Poor While They Leaders Are Rich And The Leaders Use Their Wealth And Powers To Oppress The Weak ( The Followers).
Its Hard To Choose Becoming A Follower To Someone Cause No One Will Desire To Serve A Fellow Human Being Same As Him Which Means Becoming A Slave To That Person, Abiding By His Instructions And Living Under His Interest.
The Government As The Leaders And The Citizens As Followers And Will Be Clear For We Understanding That Falls Into Money And Power That Is Why People Now Adays Don’t Value The Life Of Others.
What Will It Be If Both The Leaders And Followers Are Act Responsible And Fair?
Its Obvious That When Two Parties Or People Were Able To Understand Each Other And Violet Any Obstacles That Is Trying To Distract Their Peace And

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