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Forget About Arsenal, Conte Names 4 Best Clubs In PL As Top 4 Race Is Concerned

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A frank acknowledgment has been made by Antonio Conte, who is widely regarded as the greatest manager in the history of football, concerning the fierce competition between the big five clubs for the top four positions in the Premier League at the moment.

During an interview with Sky Sports News, he pointed his finger at four clubs who, in his opinion, deserve to be in the top four by the end of this summer.

He came across something interesting. Premier League clubs Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester United are the English clubs that have a legitimate claim to being in first or second place in the table, as a result of the football they are currently playing in the league

However, regardless of how much Ralf Rangnick and his team have struggled in their previous games and were expelled from their place by Arsenal, the Italian football specialist believes that the Red Devils are capable of igniting the season ahead of the Gunners and winning the Premier League.

After securing all three points against Aston Villa last week, the Spaniard manager Michael Arteta successfully made things more difficult for Manchester United. As a result, the gap between the two teams has grown even wider.

They are four points ahead of United, and they still have a game in hand against Tottenham Hotspurs, which might enhance their points differential once again if they win against the Spurs. They are now in second place in the Premier League.