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Friends Vs The Big Bang Theory !!!

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IF you are a fan of sitcom, then no doubt, you would be familiar with both of the shows. These shows know how to put a smile on anyone’s face while at the same time these shows can also make you roll on the floor with laughter. Comedy is one of the toughest genre as everyone has a different threshold for laughter. Friends first aired on 22 Sep 1994 and concluded its 10 season long journey on 6 May 2004 (it was a roller coaster ride). On the other hand, BBT completed its tenth season on 11 May 2017 and is extended for two more seasons. Both the shows have some similarities but they are poles apart overall. Friends was more of a show regarding the relationships among the friends while BBT is more of a science mixed with dose of comedy. But the central story of both the shows revolve around a group of friends.


If you are planning to watch any of the above shows, I would request you to skip this section now. When I first started watching FRIENDS, honestly, I was not at all impressed and it appeared to me as one of the most boring shows (I can’t believe I said that). This could be due to the video quality or the setup of the show or I don’t know, but I kept on watching it and few days later, I finished the 10th season. If I have to draw a graph between my love for the show and its seasons, it would appear as a graph for uniform acceleration. It is a love journey of Ross and Rachel which had highs and lows, how Monica and Chandler became more than just friends, a weird but cute Ms Buffay and the heartbeat of the show, Mr. “How you doin” Joey Tribbiani. BBT started with a girl moving in an apartment next to one of a kind of nerds. It is a love quest of Leonard, in order to get the love of his life Penny. Two additional characters were added to the crew, one of them (Bernadette) formed a micro couple with Howard and the other (Amy) struggled to get Sheldon into her arms. It also had a lone ranger, Rajesh Koothrapalli who is still in search of his dream girl or dream boy?! So, if I have to rate, I would give this point to FRIENDS.


Two things make a show successful, one of them is obviously the audience while the others are the characters of the show. Each and every character should have his/her own identity or way so that he/she can connect to the audience. Both of these shows had done this thing beautifully.

Ross was a paleontologist with a Guinness record for 3 divorces under 30.

Rachel always had relationship issues and seemed confused but cute.

Monica was a strict, disciplined, ordered, hygienic women (no, I am not talking about anyone’s mother), that’s how our Monica was.

Chandler was the king of sarcasm, who never answered anything throughout the show sincerely on the very first attempt.

Phoebe was a weird character who always had something creepy inside her bag to make everyone scare.

Mr Tribbiani was the heartbeat of the show as he was dashing, smart, cute, handsome but really really dumb which made audience to love him even more.

The Big Bang Theory cast also have some amazing characters:

Leonard is always insecure about Penny as she is way out of his leauge and trust me everyone knows that.

Penny is a bold, smart, funny, modern women who never backs down from saying anything in front of these geeks which often make her look stupid.

The USP of the show is Dr. Copper and all the members should be given some award to keep up with this guy. He is not a roommate material for sure.

Amy joined the show lately but soon became the bestie of Penny and the rest is history.

Howard’s mimicry and comic timing make him the funny one of the show.

Berny is the small volcano who is cute as long as she is quiet.

Indian astrophysicist Rajesh suffers from girl issues initially but later on turn out to be the gossip queen, sorry king.


There is no doubt that the USP of FRIENDS was Joey. I can watch him all day long and can still laugh as hard as I can. Joey was not just a character, he became a real life entity. His expressions, his comic timing, his acting skills and the amount of time he used to take to understand something was just incredible. His “How you doin?” became a trademark and his bonding with Chandler showed the real essence of friendship. BBT have Dr.Cooper who is exactly the opposite of Joey as he is a genius with a doctorate at the age of 13. His inability to understand sarcasm, his spot, his eidetic memory, his ways of making a person kill himself make him one of a kind. There is one thing clear, no one can live with this guy other than Leonard.

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