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From Passion to Profit The Self Employment Journey

Self Employment
Self Employment Is Known As The Process Of Been Involved Or Creating An Awareness By Engaging In A Business Formation Without Anybody Interest Or Help.

Self Employment Is Also The Act Of A Person To Open Or Start A Business Without Been Employed By An Organization Or Company.

In Other Case When A Person Is Self Employed, He Employed Workers In His Organization Who Will Manage And Bring Of Good Growth To The Industry, One Man Cant Take Hold Of An Entire Organization And Manage It Alone.
One Thing That Is Destroying The Country Mostly Is From Lack Of Job Opportunity, Many Graduate Graduated For A Very Long Time But Were Not Able To Be Employed, Lack Of Employment Makes Many Youth Engaging In Many Different Kind Of Bad Way To Make Money Such Act Like Robbery, Kidnapping, Fraudulent, And Many More. But The Wise Once Are Able To Figure Out How To Start A One Man Business Or Two Or More Can Come Together And Create A Non Governmental Organization Or Manufacturing Company Or Industry That Will Benefit Them And The Society, This Is What It Means To Be Self Employed.
Been Self Employed Doesn’t Only Need A Professional Or Educated Person But Its Just About Figuring And Planning The Business And Also Be Able To Provide The Fund That Will Enable A Person Start A Business.

An Uneducated Person Can Also Be Self Employed Its Not Just Graduates. Many Citizens In Not Just Nigeria But Also In Others Country The Wealthy Once Mostly Didn’t Went To School Before Getting To The Level They Are But Its The Experience Of Engaging Themselves In An Non Governmental Organization And Their Struggle To Make Sure They Prosper In Making The Money That Is What They Are Proud Of As The Root To Their Progress.

Its Advising For People To Engage In An Hand Work, Am Not Saying Going To School Is Not Necessary But Learning A Hand Work Will Help When A Graduate Could Not Be Able To Get Employed His Hand Work Could Be Another Option For A Main Time But Not To Fold Hand At Home And Await Government Job Or Others Organization.
Relying On Someone For Help Of Providing A Job In The Country Is Something This Country Are Corrupt On, Whoever Don’t Have A Relation Or Someone Who Can Figure Out A Way Easily For Them But Don’t Care About Others Graduate Who Are Home For Many Years But Could Not Be Employed.

Let Learn How To Find A Way To Help Ourselves By Been Self Employed And Also Help Those In Need For God Blessings.

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