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Google is working an augmented reality headset codenamed Project Iris

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Google is reportedly working on an augmented reality (AR) headset codenamed Project Iris, according to The Verge.

Citing sources familiar with the project, the publication says that Google is working on releasing Project Iris in 2024. However, Google has only started to ramp up production of the device. It's also unclear if the project will feature Pixel branding. The Pixel smartphone team is reportedly involved in working on some aspects of the AR headset's hardware.

Google's upcoming device is rumoured to use an outward-facing camera that blends computer graphics with a video feed from the real world, creating a mixed reality world. Further, "Google’s strategy is to use its data centers to remotely render some graphics and beam them into the headset via an internet connection," according to the report.

Project Iris will not feature a glasses form factor, but rather ski goggles, says the report. Additionally, the headset is rumoured to feature an unspecified custom Google processor based on the tech giant's Tensor chip, and will run on a version of Android.

Google has been very secretive with Project Iris. According to The Verge's report, Google employees need special keycard access and must sign non-disclosure agreements before seeing the headset. There are currently 300 employees working on the project, but hundreds more will reportedly be added.

According to often-reliable Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple's often-rumoured augmented reality headset has been pushed beyond its initial 20-22 release window. The headset is rumoured to feature dual 4K displays, several 3D sensors for inside tracking and a roughly $3,000 USD (approximately $3,763 CAD) price tag.

Source: The Verge