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How Can Toothbrush Storage Impact Your Oral Health?

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How Can Toothbrush Storage Impact Your Oral Health?

Your toothbrush plays a vital role in oral health maintenance. It removes plaque and protects your teeth from cavities and other dental issues. Therefore, how you clean, maintain, and store your toothbrush is crucial because it impacts your oral health. If you want to know more about toothbrush cleaning and maintenance, you can visit your local dental clinic Sydney

Additionally, you can follow these tips for cleaning and storing your toothbrush at home and while travelling. It helps your toothbrush work properly and keep your teeth and gum healthy. 

Store your toothbrush after drying it completely

Many think that hiding toothbrushes in a drawer or cabinet can keep bacteria or other germs away from them. A drawer or cabinet can be ideal for storing them when they provide enough air to dry the toothbrush after use. If the place is damp and lacks enough air, it may promote more microbes on the bristles of the stored toothbrush. Hence, sufficient air and light are essential for your toothbrushes. 

Use a holder to store your toothbrush

A variety of toothbrush holders are available in the market for proper storage and maintenance of a toothbrush after every use. These holders contain air holes that help in proper drying, and they will keep the bristles safe and undamaged, unlike makeshift covers. You should buy a holder and store your toothbrush in it. You should avoid using any household items like plastic mugs, bags, foil, or toilet paper for this purpose. 

Portable holder for storing toothbrush while travelling

Before you plan a holiday tour or a business trip, make a point to invest in a portable holder or a travel toothbrush cap. It will help in protecting your toothbrush’s head from other stuff in your travel bag.  

Additionally, you should not store the toothbrush in this way forever. If you don’t use your toothbrush frequently, it may promote bacterial growth. Therefore, whether you travel most often or not, you must replace your toothbrush every three months. 

Regular cleaning of toothbrush and holder

You will have to clean your toothbrush and holder regularly. Regular cleaning will make them free from germs, dust, and dried toothpaste particles. You can use sanitising wipes, soap and water, and dishwasher depending on your holder type to clean them. 

Never share your toothbrush with anyone. It increases the infection risk. Instead, ensure each family member has a toothbrush of different colours and designs to avoid confusion. It will be best to store them away from each other to stop harmful bacteria from spreading across toothbrushes.  

Final Thought

Toothbrush cleanliness has a lot to do with your oral health and care. The most hygienic way to store a toothbrush is to keep it in a clean holder and place it where airflow is maximum. It will help in drying properly after every use. Take care; it should not get contaminated by washroom germs. Hence, storing and maintaining your toothbrush in a sanitary way and regular cleaning of holder can prevent bacterial growth leading to healthy teeth and mouth. 


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