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How Maitland Ward Went From ‘Boy Meets World’ To OnlyFans

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As everyone already knows, kids play a huge role in society. For that reason, it would be impossible to tell stories that people can relate to in films and television without employing child actors. Given the fact that being famous is such an extreme experience, it makes sense that a lot of former child stars grow up to have run-ins with the law and other issues. On the bright side, some former child stars now have regular jobs and others continue to be rich and famous actors throughout their adulthood.

Before Maitland Ward became an adult, she discovered a love for acting and launched a successful career in the business for herself. Ward would eventually rise to fame after landing a starring role in the beloved family sitcom Boy Meets World. Then, Ward’s time on that show came to an end and many people presumed she would never recapture the spotlight. However, a lot of people began talking about Ward again when it was announced that she’d launched an OnlyFans account. With that in mind, it begs an obvious question, how did Ward go from Boy Meets World to OnlyFans?

Maitland Ward Embraces A New Career In Adult Entertainment And OnlyFans

From 1998 until 2000, Maitland Ward appeared in 45 episodes of Boy Meets World as Rachel McGuire. To the surprise of many, after playing a key role in many of the show’s storylines during her tenure Ward suddenly disappeared from the show. After that, Ward went on to land small roles in a few notable shows and in the movie White Chicks. However, it quickly became clear that Ward’s acting career was stalling.

Over the years, there sadly have been far too many examples of actors who didn’t know what to do when they stopped landing notable roles. When it comes to Maitland Ward, once she mostly retired from acting it wasn’t long until she found a new passion for cosplaying and devoted herself to that.

Once many former Boy Meets World fans discovered that Maitland Ward had become a cosplayer, they couldn’t get enough of her dressed up like a plethora of beloved characters. Of course, there is no denying the fact that Ward’s outfits getting progressively more revealing played a role in that. Then, Ward’s life and career went through a watershed moment.

After garnering a huge social media following largely due to her cosplay photos, Maitland Ward agreed to model for artist Luciano Paesani’s exhibit “Living Art”. Instead of wearing clothes for the exhibit, Ward allowed the artist to cover her in body paint. To the surprise of many of her fans, she posted images of the process on social media which meant followers got to see her fully topless for the first time.

Once Maitland Ward posted her first topless photo, she gained loads of new followers. Clearly encouraged, Ward began to regularly release images that revealed more and more of her body. Then, Ward’s followers learned that she’d embraced a new career as an adult entertainment star. Around the same timeframe, Ward also announced that she was launching an OnlyFans account

Maitland Ward Takes Pride In Her Adult Career

Since Maitland Ward launched her OnlyFans account and joined the adult entertainment industry, she has made it clear that she takes a lot of pride in her new career. For example, anytime Ward has been asked how much money she is making on OnlyFans, she hasn’t been shy in the slightest. Most notably, when a TMZ reporter asked Ward about how much cash she made on OnlyFans, Maitland was happy to say she makes six figures monthly.

Of course, everyone knows that throughout history there have been many people who’ve done things they hate for money. For example, the truth of the matter is that several former adult entertainment stars have come out revealed how much they detested their time in that industry after the fact. Given the fact that Maitland Ward still is making a fortune as an adult entertainer, there is no way to know if she too will come out against the business once she no longer works in it. However, based on everything Ward has said to date, she loves her OnlyFans career and starring in adult entertainment. For example, Ward professed her love for her adult career while talking to The Daily Beast in 2020.

“Many expected my rise in the adult world, including many in the adult world itself, to be a flash in the pan. It was a stunt. I wasn’t serious. No one from mainstream ever is—like mainstream is a place you go and can never look back. But that’s what makes this story different: my genuine love for adult performance and for colorful cinema. My story is a journey rather than a cautionary tale. And I was ready to prove the naysayers wrong.”

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