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How to build a garden perfect for entertaining guests all year round

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What makes the perfect garden?

There’s the plants, a lush lawn and lots of space. A great garden not only looks good, but it feels good too. It should be an environment that makes people feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. Whether you want guests over for a game night, a bbq or a lavish party, a good entertainment space is always a great asset to have. In addition, a garden is versatile enough to host different functions.

Below are a few tips for creating an incredible garden experience for your family and guests:

For a functional and well-designed garden, think about the kinds of spaces you want. A few types of spaces are usually found in outdoor entertainment areas: dining space, conversation space, open space (lawn or an area for games, a swimming pool or hot tub).

Although these may be separate spaces, they are still in the same garden, so you should try to have design elements that connect them. This could be done using a similar paving material or pattern in each space or a specific planter. Your guests should be able to move seamlessly from one space to another.

Outdoor entertainment spaces are extensions of your home, so you should also try to match garden design components with the materials and style of your house. Let your personality also show in the way you entertain. For example, if you are the sophisticated type that likes to serve Waterfront BISTRO breaded butterfly shrimp or lump crab meat from the Acme weekly ad, set up your outdoor dining area for such meals and accompanying entertainment. Let it be close enough to the kitchen so that you can serve your meals hot and fresh.

Another thing, choose colours and styles that are related to the inside of your home. This will give a sense of cohesion which will reflect the whole property. You want a seamless connection from the front door to the little gate that leads away from the garden.

Before you start, decide how you will use the space.

Look at the size of your garden and decide what kind of furniture, plants and accessories you will have. Outdoor furniture is usually larger than indoor furniture, so you will want to take this into account as well.

An excellent way to decide on the size of each area is to measure each space for everyday/casual use, then allow for a bit more room for another group of people your family size.

Decide which types of spaces you want.

You can make a combination of dining, conversation and lawn areas, or a patio with a lawn. You could also have a dining area with greenery and a separate entertainment area.

If you do not host big events, opt for small intimate seating areas with little paving.

If you do host big events, consider building a patio or a terrace.

You could either build a patio as an extension of your house or a distance away. However, the best place is right next to your house to transition between the home and the garden.

Usually, it would be placed right outside the kitchen or living room, but make sure you build the patio in an area with a lot of sun and a great view. Patios are generally open spaces, but you might want to add a pergola or some sort of structure above to provide shade.

Make your patio attractive by elevating it above the lawn. Not only does it add style, but it helps with draining after rain.

If you do not host big events, here are a few ideas for the spaces in your garden:

Dining space

Since this is the area where your guests might spend the most time, there needs to be shade. Use umbrellas or place the dining table and chairs under the shade of a sheltering tree. It should also be near the grill, so you can still interact with your guests as you prepare the meal.

For this area especially, there should be paving underneath the table and chairs. Create a deck, or build the flooring of this area with paving material like brick, concrete or gravel. You could also use modular pavers that reflect the walls of your house.

Place the dining area in a central place, with a view of the most exciting part of your garden if you live in an enclosed space.

Conversation space

This will be one of the more intimate spaces. You can give this vibe/feeling by having this area enclosed by shrubs or trees. It will be a peaceful getaway for a quiet moment away from what is happening everywhere else or just a place for people to talk.

For seating, you could use outdoor armchairs with comfortable cushions, or you could have a seat wall, which serves as both seating and a surface to serve snacks and beverages.

For this area, try to arrange coffee tables and side tables so that each chair has an easy surface to place a glass.

Another way you could design this area is to dig out a small space that will serve as seating around an inground fire pit. Here, making a seat wall might be useful. It will be an enjoyable experience for guests on chilly evenings to sit around the warm fire or for children to make smores.

Lawn/ Entertainment spaces

You want to be generous with this area. Often, a lawn area is used as a children’s play area or for entertainment and outdoor games during casual gatherings.

If you are using this space as a play area for children, have some seating at a distance for supervision.

If you have enough space, you could have other entertainment areas that are enclosed for a hot tub, swimming pool or tennis court. These areas need to be confined for privacy and so that they are not a distraction to guests in the dining or conversation areas. An excellent way to make separations is by using half walls and climbing plants.

Make sure you have outdoor lamps for late evenings. You wouldn’t want your guests to stumble around in the dark. An excellent way to do this with style is to add fairy lights around trees or LED solar string lights.

Whether or not you have guests, putting effort into making your garden a lively space will benefit you and your family. Think of all the outdoor dinners, games and quiet evenings you could have. It’s definitely worth it.

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