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Huawei earphones 3 – Charming & Attractive look

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Huawei’s new wireless earbuds are lightweight, agreeable, and look beguiling and attractive. FreeBuds 3 are the third pattern of Huawei’s AirPods rival, following FreeBuds 2, which were simply conveyed before in 2019. This update sees a recently out of the plastic new charging case and the associate of upheaval dropping development with the buds.

Hewn from a recognizable source

Huawei earphones 3 are an alluring pair of earbuds, coming in either a sparkling Ceramic White (as my review units did) or Carbon Black. To be sure, they do have all the earmarks of resembling AirPods, anyway you can regardless separate the two things sensibly with no issue. The FreeBuds’ packaging is rakish, shunning Apple-like bends for cutting back all overabundance material, which fits with Huawei’s standard sharp-edged plan language.

Other than the plastic, there’s a sparkly metal tip at the lower part of each stem that prompts the receivers and dark cross-section covering the speaker opening on the inward side, in addition to some dark hazy plastic where the on-ear-recognition sensor lives. It’s a more prominent show than what you see on the standard AirPods or the Pros and keeping in mind that none of it is progressive plan work, it looks great.

Stowed away inside the casing of each bud, there is a 14mm unique driver and bass cylinder, a voice and a bone-leading mouthpiece, and the cerebrums of the activity, Huawei’s Kirin A1 chip. Like Apple’s H1 chip, Huawei’s new processor, which is expected for wearables, plans to give your ears consistent, responsive, and precise sound.

The included remote charging case (an element that will cost you extra with first and second-era AirPods) is one more basic plastic plan in coordinating with shades of the earbuds. There’s a sparkly, silver Huawei logo on the back, which helps mask the metal pivot instrument. Nonetheless, it does sort of seeming as though an assembling botch, since it bodes well to have your logo on the facade of the case.

The FreeBuds 3 are IPX4 sweat-and water-safe, very much like the AirPods Pro, making FreeBuds alright for exercises and stormy days, however don’t have a go at taking them for a dip. Jabra’s Elite 65t and Elite Active 65t have IP55 and IP56 appraisals, separately, so go for these assuming you need something more vigorous.


We realize we’ve pounded this drum recently, however, the plan of the FreeBuds is uber AirPoddy, with an earbud part and attached stalks that hang down from your ears.

The FreeBuds are a bit bigger than AirPods yet don’t glance massive in the smallest and the cleaned plastic completion feels premium – better than a portion of the more reasonable choices, similar to Motorola’s astoundingly average Verve Buds. They likewise come in dark or white, with the dark form being our inclination if by some stroke of good luck to separate them from Apple’s universal buds.

We went running, had several activities, and went on a few extended length trips without them moving.

At the establishment of the stem is a silver feature that houses the intensifiers, while the top section is contacted fragile – twofold tap either side to interface with predefined exercises which you can set in the application. The FreeBuds can similarly recognize when you’re wearing them.

Ultimately, if the AirPods never existed, we’d be stooping over Huawei’s latest buds. The state of affairs, be that as it may, they’re an incredibly prepared copy > change > paste.

Great charming case

The roundabout shape implies it’s very wide and tall (60.9mm width x 21.8mm profundity, or 2.4-inch breadth x 0.85-inch profundity). It’s much taller and a hair thicker than the AirPods Pro case — 45.2 x 60.6 x 21.7mm (1.78 x 2.39 x 0.85 inches) — and furthermore significantly more extensive and taller than the remote AirPods case — 53.5 x 44.3 x 21.3mm (2.11 x 1.74 x 0.84 inches). I don’t believe it’s a critical contrast, however, since the FreeBuds’ case will in any case fit easily in a pants pocket, yet the observably chunkier profile basically caused me to feel like the buds inside were more secure during an abrupt drop than the AirPods would be.



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