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I’ve Given Up Work At 23 – My Fiance, 57, Says I’m Too Pretty Anyway & Gives Me Presents All Year-Round

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Christmas is a special time of year for everyone because, if we’re lucky, we get to share and receive gifts from our loved ones. For some people who live in luxury, though, Christmas is just another day of the year – and every day is a treat day.

She alleges he told her she was “too pretty” to work, so she stopped and now lives in luxury.

The bride-to-be claims that because she’s so spoiled, every day is like Christmas Day in a TikTok video with over 53,000 views.

She says: “Hot girls don’t have to ask for gifts for Christmas because… Hot girls get Christmas year-round.”

For the past three years, the 23-year-old Las Vegas resident has been dating her boyfriend Peter, who is 34 years older than her.

And, with the money he earns as a professional gambler, Peter makes it a point to spoil his fiancée.

Peter, a father of two, and Alyssa embarked on their first date just three days before Alyssa’s twentieth birthday, long after he and his ex-wife had divorced.

Alyssa also revealed that she is only a few months older than Peter’s daughter, but that the two are “good friends.”

She said: “I’ve always been attracted to older men my whole life – people think I only like men who are older than my father which isn’t true because when I was 18, I had multiple relationships with people aging from their 20s to their 40s.”

She went on to say that when she dated men her age, they preferred casual relationships and would never commit.

Alyssa resigned from her work as a hairdresser after announcing her engagement to Peter this summer.

She claimed Peter advised her she shouldn’t work because she’s “too pretty” to do so.

Although the TikTok star clarified that it was merely a temporary arrangement due to the pair’s constant travel.

She stated that she intends to start her own business shortly.

While Alyssa has a large following on TikTok, several of her videos featuring snippets of her affluent lifestyle have sparked controversy.

Posting a shot of her car seat filled with Gucci shopping bags, Alyssa said: “I was having a bad period so Daddy told me to go treat myself.”

Trolls flooded the video’s comments section, prompting Alyssa to respond, claiming that her beau treated her like “royalty,” while everyone else was treated like “regulars.”

Even though she and her boyfriend have been together for over three decades, Alyssa claims that her mother and father approve of their relationship.

She did concede, though, that she had lost some friends along the way because of her age difference relationship.

“It’s becoming more frequent,” she said, referring to “constant judgment” regarding age disparities in relationships.

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