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Impressive Monetization Techniques In Blogging

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Earning money is a challenging task these days. Continuous ups and downs in the market in recent times have troubled a lot of people. People are getting curious about subsidiary income sources. Do many people ask if there is a way to make money online or from the internet? Let me tell you; there are many ways to earn money with the help of the internet. One such source is BLOGGING. A blog is like an online journal. People used them for sharing experiences, but later, they emerged as a source of knowledge and sharing information. Here are the easy and Impressive Monetization Techniques In Blogging.

Prepare a Blog?

Earning from a blog is not a one-day job. One needs to start from the very beginning and follow the proper steps. Take into account all the dos’ and don’ts. Only then can one relish a successful blog. So, let’s get more acquainted with these steps.

  1. Get!Set!Create: 

First of all, we need to create a blog. Many websites are available like Blogger, WordPress, BlogSpot, etc., that will allow us to create a blog. Most of these sites are free of cost, and for some sites, we might pay a nominal amount to avail of their services. Choose your website niche wisely and if you are planning to buy the domain for your blog. Select a premium name for your website by checking its appraisal value.  

  • Appearance Check:

Once you have selected the site and registered, you need to select a theme for the blog/website. A theme is an essential element of a blog. A theme should be Eye-catching and mobile-friendly. Moreover, a clean and straightforward layout will help in increasing readability. After you select a friendly theme and are finally done with the appearance, we can move further by installing the theme from their documentation section. You can also check our homepage of for an instance of how your blog/website appearance should be.  

Appealing Appearance of the blogging websiteAppealing Appearance of the website to monetize your blog
  1. The Content is the key:

When your blog is ready, you are all set to post. The Content is as equally important as the appearance of your blog. Make sure that you do not have any sensitive material that could harm the feelings of any group or social element. Along with this, make your Content valuable. The Content posted on the blog should be relevant and fact-based. Content quality matters the most. If people like your content, they will come again. In other words, the excellent Content will give you more readers. This will also add up in the Traffic on your site, which is beneficial for the blog.

Important SEO Points to Watch in blogging

Search Engine Optimisation, or say SEO is a process of taking your blog or website higher in Google rankings. SEO includes the points that you need to consider if you want your blog to come to the notice of Google. Points to be checked are as follows:

  1. The Key phrase: 

These are short, simple words that people search on the internet. Your key phrase should be Related to your topic and used frequently. It should be of the right length, preferred short.

  1. Text length and keywords: 

Your article should be descriptive. Make sure your article is neither too short nor too long. 

In my years of experience as an online marketer, I have learned the importance of keywords for SEO. Keywords are words or phrases (keywords) that people use when searching on a search engine for information. Adding these keywords to your articles, blog posts, forum posts, and other content helps to boost your chances of appearing high in the search engine for these keywords. SEO Keywords help users identify your content with ease and make them more likely to click on your links. If you cannot maintain a steady flow of articles and posts on your website, then your ranking and success with your website will be adversely affected.

The best way to get your website up to date with all the latest SEO keywords is to invest in a quality keyword planner application. Keyword planning software enables you to monitor your competition and also monitor your daily activity. You can monitor your monthly search volume and your daily keyword activity. Also included in most keyword planner applications are tools to help you identify the best keywords for SEO usage.

Keyword difficulty is measured in terms of search volume and daily search intent. An excellent keyword difficulty means that your site is not receiving many clicks, but the daily search volume and search intent for this keyword are relatively low. The best way to find keywords for SEO is to identify your primary keywords and research the competition for each of these keywords. A keyword planner application will help you identify the most difficult keywords for SEO and give you valuable advice about how you can increase the strength of your primary keywords and make them more challenging to rank for in Google. Once your keyword start ranking they can also become one of the monetization techniques in blogging through PPC

  1. Tone Of Voice: 

Avoid using the passive voice as much as possible. Passive voice makes your article difficult to understand.

  1. Plagiarism:

Everyone likes unique things, so does google. Hence unique content will help you rank your website better. You can take the Ideas from google but don’t just copy and paste from the internet, which is not going to help. Create your unique Content and avoid plagiarism.

  1. Transition words

Make sure you add a lot of transition words to make your article effective. To organize and make sure that your essay flows logically from start to finish, you will need to add transition words to the beginning and end of your paper. How do you choose the right words to use? There are many different types of transition words. When learning how to write a paper, you will find many different rules for writing different types of papers. To avoid mistakes and help make sure that your paper flows smoothly from beginning to end, be sure to read and reread your essay several times before submitting it for review.

Transition Words need to be used during bloggingTransition words to use in a blog

For example, if you write an essay about cats, one idea for a transition word might be “Cat Behavior.” You could also use “A Guide to Cat Care” as a transition word between phrases about cat care and sentences about how cats behave. What if you have a passage that goes like this: In recent years, a series of kittens were born in the United States. Each kitten was photographed during its birth and then was put in a display case. The kittens appear healthy and happy. One kitten is missing can be written as. Can you identify the missing kitten?

You will have already considered many different ideas and words to transition from one part of your paper to another, so the chances are good that you won’t forget to consider some of the other things considered. Another good way to remember ideas and words that you might want to use is one of the many examples found in books about essays and composition. There are many helpful books on the market that contain many different examples of writing essays. You will also likely find books with lists of transition words. As a result, when writing your essay, be sure to remember the ideas and words that you want to use and the various types of essay examples that can help you achieve the desired results.

  1. A blog needs Traffic:

After you created the blog and started posting the Content, the next thing is Traffic. Traffic here means the people are visiting your website or blog. This Traffic can be increased in many ways, for example, creating a backlink or writing a guest post. In addition to this, to increase Traffic, you can also share the post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or in your social groups. The more the keywords rank of your article more the traffic you can easily get. Hence, keyword ranking plays an important role in traffic. 

The Monetization Techniques In Blogging:

Now, the blog is created with some good content, and there is Traffic on your blog. This is the time to earn money from the blog and reap the award for your hard work. Next, we will discuss the various ways in which a blog can make money. Let’s have a look at them

  1. Google Adsense: 

Adsense is an excellent tool by Google. With this tool, you can earn money by displaying advertisements along with your online Content and considered one of the best monetization techniques In blogging. Some big brands and companies would pay you for promoting and advertising their product on a CPC (Cost-per-click) basis.

Firstly, you have to create an account on Google AdSense. Then the account needs to be approved to show ads on the blog. Once the ads are displayed on the blog/site, you will start getting money for every click on the advertisement through your site.

In addition to the money factor, you can select which add to display. Moreover, you can blend ads according to the layout of the site/blog to make it look better and merge with the Content.

  1. Affiliation Marketing:

This is a method of earning from a blog or website many people don’t know about. Affiliate marketing can be a solid money generator/ monetization techniques in blogging compared to Adsense. With the help of this method, a blog with good traffic can earn a lot of money as it gives more money on sales than just a click on links. 

Affiliation here means to promote another person’s product like Amazon, Snapdeal, eBay, Flipkart, etc., to increase their sales build your website momentum. You can also join many affiliate marketing programs such as:-  

  • AdmitAd
  • ConversionX
  •  Cuelinks
  •  vCommission
  • CJ Affiliate
  • ShareASale etc.

To know more about the affiliate program, please let us know in the comment section.  

  1. Paid promotions or Guest Post:

A popular website or blog also can earn money from promotions. If a blog can get a lot of traffic, it can promote the other sites and blogs and charge for this promotion service. Promotions can be handled by giving backlinks to other sites or mentions.  

  1. Teaching:

Another less popular but practical way to earn money is teaching and training about blogging. If you have expertise in this field, have a lot of TrafficTraffic on your blog, and people trust you, this can be your breakthrough. 

  1. Selling your Ebook:

This is still an option. Compile your expertise in the form of a book and sell it under your copyright to earn money. This method needs high expertise and effort but offers high returns too.

  1. Direct Advertising:

Intermediaries in any field will take their cut in income. So you may opt for direct advertisements.

  1. Paid reviews:

This method can be an income booster for your blog. You can make quick money by giving reviews about the company, place, or website to increase sales. 


Earning money online is possible and much easier these days in comparison to the past. One can choose the best suitable option to earn money online. No doubt, starting and managing a blog is not that easy, but it will be worth the effort if you opt for Monetization Techniques In Blogging.

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