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iPhone 12 Battery Draining Fast Possible Reasons and Fixes

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You’ve got a great phone but do you feel your iPhone 12 battery drains out quicker than it should? Of the many expectations iPhone 12 came with, the biggest letdown was perhaps the battery longevity when compared to iPhone 11. The upgrade comes with a faster processor, better display, improved camera capabilities and of course, 5G technology. However, to use all these features make sure your battery power is maximized. If you are struggling with the fast-draining battery of your iPhone 12, try these methods before reaching out to a professional iPhone Repair Service.

Update iOS

Bugs are among the most common reasons for battery draining issues. To fight this, all you need to do is update the phone’s iOS format. With every firmware update, Apple releases bug fixes and security patches to make the phone perform better. You can check for updates from the Settings menu. The latest version is 14.7.1.

While you’re at it, also check for updates of any apps you use regularly, even if your ‘Auto Updates’ option is switched on.

Switch off unnecessary features

5G is great but it does use more power. So, when you’re at home using Wi-Fi or in areas where 5G is not available, switch off the 5G option. iPhone 12 uses the 5G Auto option by default. You can change this by navigating through the Cellular Data and Voice & Data settings.

Wherever possible, try to use Wi-Fi rather than cellular data. That said, keep the Wi-Fi option switched off when you’re in places where you know you won’t get a Wi-Fi signal. This is because for as long as the Wi-Fi option is on, the phone will search for a signal and consume battery power unnecessarily.

Turn off Location Services

If you don’t use the Map/ Google Maps services frequently, switch off the Location Services. Similarly, turn off your Location Services when you’re at home and are not using it. You won’t lose out on anything and your battery will last a little longer.

Disable background app refresh

Even when you’re not actively using your phone, some of the apps continue to run and use battery power. It’s great to have your email and messages always synced, but if you are facing battery power issues, you may need to rethink this. Disabling the background app refresh option can keep your battery running for longer. If not your email, you can do this for social media and e-Commerce apps.

Lower screen brightness

The brighter your display, the more power is consumed. Having your brightness levels up for long durations can also cause overheating issues. On the other hand, having a very dim display can affect your eyesight. Ideally, your screen brightness should be 43-60% in ambient lighting. When you’re indoors, turn off the auto-brightness mode. Else, you can set the brightness levels through the display settings.

Turn off the Raise to Wake Feature

iPhone 12 comes with a feature that switches on the display every time you pick up the phone. It sounds convenient and lets you check notifications without having to press any buttons but it can make your phone battery drain out much faster. For example, if you’re walking with your phone in your hand, the display doesn’t switch off even though you’re not using it. You can switch off this feature from the Raise to Wake menu under the display settings.

Enable low power mode

Rather than adjust individual app settings, you can also control power usage by switching on the Low Power Mode. This limits and disables features such as automatic iCloud uploads, background app refresh, some visual effects, auto-lock etc. It may cause some features to take a bit longer to update but the tradeoff is worth it. This mode is a savior in situations where you don’t have a charger at hand. Working on Low Power Mode can extend your battery life by as much as by 2-3 hours.

Offload unnecessary apps

Along with taking up space on your phone’s memory, apps also eat into the battery power. So, remove any apps you don’t use frequently.

Disable dynamic wallpapers

If you’re using Live or Dynamic wallpapers, your phone power consumption will be much higher. This is because the wallpapers show animation effects every time the phone moves or with passing time. Instead, switch to regular wallpapers. You can change the wallpaper every day if you like something new. Similarly, don’t go overboard with the number of widgets you maintain on your home screen. Be aware especially of widgets that use location services as they pull a lot of power.

Check the effectiveness of these changes on your phone’s battery health by going to Settings>Battery>Battery Health.

If the maximum capacity is less than 80%, then the fast drainage could be due to the battery itself, in which case you will have to replace the battery with a new one.

This is where we can help you. Rapid Repair offers the most reliable Apple service across India. Just reach out to us and our highly skilled technical team will diagnose the problem and rectify it without compromising the quality of work. Do remember, unlike local service centres, we use only genuine spares; another reason to trust us with your beloved iPhone 12.

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