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Is Patrice Lovely Married and Has A Husband? It’ll Be A Shock If She Is Single

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Patrice Lovely portrayed the character of ‘Hattie Love’ in the Oprah Winfrey Network’s comedy series, ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ and gathered many fans with her performance.

While she continues to win many hearts with her performances, many of her fans are curious to know about her possible romantic life and her boyfriend. So if you are among them who share similar curiosity; this article is the best for you!

Insights On Romantic Life – A Secret?
Patrice Lovely has been the reason for the smile of many, as she continuously makes people happy. But the concern here is; who is the person who makes her smile and feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Well, Patrice Lovely remains very secretive about her romantic unions and has guarded her love life well. Moreover, Patrice has neither been spotted with a man who could be conjectured as her possible boyfriend nor has she addresses any man as her boyfriend.

However, back in 2013, one of her fans asked her if she shared a romantic relationship to which Patrice replied making a joke of her own by questioning herself; if she has a boyfriend.

Patrice Lovey tweets about her boyfriend.

The forty-nine years old lady, Patrice currently seems to enjoy life being single, but chances exist that she is romantically involved with someone or is married and enjoys her married life with husband and kids, all out of the eyes of the media.

It seems like she prefers her personal life away from the hustle of the media. Turns out she enjoys the privacy that she maintained when it came about her love life which can hardly be found among the celebrities.

Unlike most celebrities, she prefers the low-keyness of their relationship.

Just like the details of her relationships, Patrice has not spoken much about her family members as well. However, it is known that her family raised her in Alabama.

Nevertheless, on one rare occasion, she shared that her family enjoys watching the show, which gave her popularity, “Love Thy Neighbour” through a picture tweet back in July 2015.

By the looks of it, Patrice seems to prefer privacy over her life and wishes to make her performances create headlines; rather than the stories of her personal life.

But keep visiting, as we’ve reached out to Patrice, and will be updating as soon as anything new comes up in her life!