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Jah Da Prince – Breakout Artist & Dancer

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Coming from the smallest state, the ocean state Rhode Island. ( Jahlill k. Prince ) is a determined tremendous talent. At 7 months old having a fractured skull giving him learning disabilities which he fought past. His light, charm, and leadership bring hope to humanity.

He is great at leading the show as well as being behind scenes from lighting to audio engineer. He is a Recording artist, vocalist, dancer, actor, rapper, producer as well as a fashionista, and director. He is versatile and well-grounded. Currently living in New York to live out his journey!!

His biggest inspirations were Bruce lee, Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, slot of anime, and movies he is all about the bigger picture and how everything and everyone connects. Jah was born a fall baby on September 14 into a family of creatives. His first passion was for martial arts as he’d fall to be different sooner than he thought to be !!

Jah grew up very close to nature and to himself. Climbing trees after school to drawing rushing his school work to attend after. His mother was very involved with his gifts. RISD ( Rhode Island School of Design) he learns the art of comic book and anime drawing, film editing video game design.

City of an artist ( 6 years to 7 maybe music hitting drums and using clay to make cups or bowls, drawing with film ). Dad as well taught him a little insight into music but that’s where he learned the art of songwriting with poetry When he was 13 years old. His father was a producer and rapper.

I performed for all middle schools joins after school dance crew program. I also had made my own comic book after taking an after-skill class and it was in stores around this time I was in martial arts classes. From 11 to 14 years old i did one track, and as well did a couple at my uncles’ place.

At 14 learn 2010 he created his own dance crew inspired by MTV’s America’s best dance crew. Learn more about hip hop culture and parkour performing for schools talent shows and after-school events.

In 2014 he had graduated trying out college did well that summer audition the very next year in America’s got talent. He keeps putting in even at his workplace at YMCA for the children, boys and girls clubs, festivals music videos for local artists, birthday parties, and more. He tries back into college for theater

Ig: https://instagram.com/jahdaprince

Tik tok: https://tiktok.com/@Jahdaprince

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