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Lessons Learned Avoiding the Mistakes that Matter Most

Mistake I Can’t Make.
What We Learn In Life Is What We Can Understand, And What We Should Understand Is How We Learn.
There Are Many Reason Which Makes Us Experience Different Things In Life.
Mistake Is A Change A Person Or Someone Takes In Life And Later Realizing He/she Shouldn’t Have Done It.
We All Have Different Past Mistakes In Life, And There Are Many Ways We All Always Learn From Every Mistakes We Make In Life.
Let Me Make It Clear Here: Anyone Reading This Will Agree With Me That There Are Several Times When You Feel Bad Regretting What You Did And Didn’t Feel Good. It Is Usual Because No One Born In This Life Is Hundred Percent Clean Not To Make A Mistake, Everyone Makes Mistake Possibly Every Day, And The Good Thing There Is We Learn From Each Mistake We Make At A Time, Realizing Ones Mistake Teaches Us Not To Make The Same Mistake If Having The Opportunity In Another Time.

There Is Difference Between Making A Mistake And Doing Something Wrong.

Let’s Discuss About Wrongly Deed.
We Constantly Understand That Living In This World Has Two Things Involve In Everyone Personal Life Which Is Understanding The Difference Between Right And Wrong. One Can Be Sure To Know That Regret Can Come From Doing What Is Wrong. To Explain This Better I Decide To Come Up With An Example: When A Criminal Is About To Rob, He/she Knows In Mind That What He/she Is About To Do Is Bad And If He Doesn’t Get Caught It Means He Is Safe But If At The Process He/she Is Caught, At That Point The Person Knows He Made A Mistake, Then What Is The Difference In Regretting A Mistake A Person Makes.

My Biggest Happiness In This Aspect Is That, Each Time I Make A Mistake, It Always Comes Easy To Me Acknowledging Such Mistake If Its Occurs Again.
Another Thing There Is Don’t Pressurize Yourself Thinking About The Mistakes You Make Before Because Such Usually Set A Trap Between Your Formal Life And Your Present Life, Everyone Is A Victim Of Regret.
Thirdly: Sometime A Person Chance Track Of Direction Or Step To Take Putting More Time Thinking And Wishing The Past Should Repeat Itself So That He/she Can Overcome Such Mistake Before It Happened But The Truth Is That, The Past Has Pass Away And No One Has The Power To Reverse His/her Past Mistakes, It Will Be More Helpful And Comfortable Forgetting The Past And Putting More Concentration On The Present And Also Planning The Future, The Pass Is Only But An Obstacle That Cause Havoc To Peoples Life.

Again It Is Helpful To Advice And Be Reasonable To People Who Are Facing Such Queries To Understand That Making A Mistake Is Never The End Of Life, Instead Be Strong And Courageous To Keep Fighting For The Same Score You Are Trying To Earn When The Mistake Distract You. Let Make The World A Better Place.

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