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Lessons Learned My Unforgettable High School Experience

My Experience In High School

It Is An Incredible Idea Or Thought Of Deciding To Write About Not Just My Experience But Also Others Experience In High School.

High School Is An Environment Of Which Different People With Different Characters, And Difference Lifestyle And Also Different Life Background Come To Experience Different Activities Much Different From Their Lives At Home.

Now Let Talk About New Life Experience.
But Before We Get To That Perspective, We Eventually Know In Some Family That Some Certain People Were Never Opportune To Live A Free Life In Their Communities, Which Means Getting Admission In High Means Freedom To Them And The Opportunity For Them To Live The Life The Intend To, Because Its A New Background For Them To Achieve And The Same Time Experience Many Different Things And Life.

The Intense Biography About ‘ High School ‘ Is Created As A Higher Institute Of Education For Ss Graduate To Further Their Level Of Academic Knowledge And At The End Graduate As Nce Holders, Degree Holders Or Master’s Holders.

The Expectations
High School Is A Place, New Environment For Learning Expecting The Employed Lecturers To Be Fair And Just, Have Integrity On The Aspect Of Teaching The Students Role Are To Be Of Good Characters Or Behavior.

Lecturers Expectations
1 A Good Lecturer Should Be Honest
2 He Should Have Integrity
3 Good Skills Of Teaching ( Professional)
4 Contentment Of What He Has Not To Seek More In A Wrong Way.
5 Should Be Bold
6 Serve As A Councilor To His Students
7 Must Not Use His Might Or Authority Having Sex With His Students.

Students Expectations
Students As Candidates In The School Are Expected With The Followings
1 To Concentrate On The Education.
2 Abstain From Cult Group
3 Criminal Activities
4 Be Competent
5 Resist From Smoking And Any Bad Influences That Will Distract One’s Education And Many More

High School Of Now Adays
High School Has Become An Environment Which Has To Deal With ( You Are On Your Own) Activities.
Some Students Went To School For Fleeting, Prostitution, Cultist, Robbery, Fighting And So Many Bad Deed Mostly Involving Within Students Themselves.
I Experience So Many Lives In High School, Some Are Interesting, Some Funny, Some Disgusting, Some Awful Life, Some Regretting, Some Annoying And Some Lives Are Disgraceful.

It Baffled Me Seeing Lecturers Who Pass Some Female Students Just To Hang Out With Them And Have Sex With Them, While The Males Most Satisfy Them With Interest ( Money) Before Passing Their Course. Everyone Is Living A Life To Satisfy Himself Or Her Self.
Some Lecturers Use Any Tiny Opportunity To Collect Money From Their Students At Time They Use Handouts To Receive Money From They Students, A Handout Not More Than 10 Copies That Can Be Photocopied At Least 50 Naira But A Lecturer Will Threaten His Students To Pay 200 To 500 Hundred Naira Each For The Handout If Not Fail Their Result.

High Schools Of Now Adays Don’t Bother About Some Students That Struggle For Themselves To Go To School Could Be Because Of The Poor Condition Of They Family Or Some Could Be Orphans Trying There Best To Be Graduate Of High School By There Very Hard Work And Sweat.


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