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Lil Uzi Vert Called Out To Follow Through On Promise To pay Fan’s College Tuition

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Back in 2019, a Lil Uzi Vert fan studying for a bachelor’s met him at a mall. This is when the fan asked Uzi to pay for his college tuition. Uzi then asked him to promise that he’d finish college. Well, it turns out the super fan has finally fulfilled his end of the promise, and now he awaits a reply from the rap star.

In the interaction between the two in Philadelphia Mall, which is also Uzi’s hometown, Lil Uzi asked the fan, Raheel Ahmad, how much his overall tuition would cost him. Ahmad told him that it would be around $90,000. Uzi didn’t seem to have problem with it at the time.

Recently, Ahmad had his graduation ceremony from Temple University for his bachelor’s degree in political science. He posted pictures on his Instagram from the ceremony and pleaded Uzi once more.

Ahmad made another post with his diploma, cap and graduation gown with caption “@liluzivert I finally graduated bro, I told y’all I don’t bullsh*t. Can you now come thru? When Lil Uzi listened to my ask for help, it motivated me to try to create change beyond myself. Me helping others in a similar situation I’ve experienced, will be a great way to pay it forward, and change college students lives all around!”

It appears that Lil Uzi’s impact on his fan has been quite profound as Ahmad has started his own initiative to help people in need of college expenses. To know more about his initiative, check out his post below.


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