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Lucky Mobile’s Refer-a-Friend promotion returns, offering a $50 credit

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Bell-owned Lucky Mobile has started to run its Refer-a-Friend promotion once again. The promotion kicked off on February 17 and offers a $50 credit.

The promotion was first seen by Red Flag Deals. From February 17 to March 31, 2022, if you refer a friend to activate a line with Lucky Mobile, the carrier will hand out a $50 credit to both you and your friend.

The credit in question will be spread out across 10 months. Each month, a $5 credit will be applied to the account, totalling the promised $50 by the end. A single referrer can refer up to three friends.

To take advantage of this promotion, your friend must simply purchase activate a SIM card either at one of Lucky Mobile’s various retail locations or online. Your friend must then submit the referral form within 10 days of activating the line. Two on-time monthly payments must also be made prior to the credits being applied.

This promotion can also be stacked and combined with any other Lucky Mobile promotion. Currently, the carrier is also offering 3GB of bonus data per month for signing up to auto top-up on select plans. This offer expired on February 21, 2022. Customers can also get 50% off a SIM card when purchasing online.

While the carrier has run similar promotions in the past, the $50 credit is amongst the highest seen paid out by the carrier.

More information can be found here on Lucky Mobile's website.

Source: Lucky Mobile via Red Flag Deals