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Man United Highest Salary Earners, Who Deserve And Who Don't?

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Manchester United has the world's most valuable squad, valued at £801 million. Their squad became the best in January after Manchester City dropped when they sold Ferran Torres to Barcelona. United's values may have shot this season as a result of the signings of top players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Sancho, and Varane. 

As a result, they pay the highest wages to their players. Cristiano leads the pay scale not only in Manchester, but throughout the Premier League. 

The top ten earners for United are listed below. 
1. Cristiano Ronaldo - £510K.

2. David Degea - £375K.

3. Jadon Sancho - £350K.

4. Raphael Varane - £340K.

5. Paul Pogba - £290K

6. Edinson Cavani - £250k

7. Anthony Martial - £250K

8. Marcus Rashford - £200K.

9. Harry Maguire - £190K

10. Luke Shaw - £190K.

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