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Naor Yazdan drops new song “Elevate”

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Naor Yazdan drops new song “Elevate”

“Elevate” a summer anthem that will take you to a surreal high you’ve yet to experience, a new release from Naor Yazdan. Naor, a newer musician, has made a name for himself in the fitness industry training the largest and best celebrities, is now TRENDING globally on the radio with his new venture.

Typically, the music industry is hard to break into, you either have to know the right people or pay for placements, well not for Naor, as he knew the right people in one industry as he inspired them to “elevate” their mindset and goals, they’ve helped  him “elevate” his presence. No telling where this summer anthem will take Naor as an artist, but right now he is trending amongst others on BeatPort top 100.

Here is Elevate on Spotify

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