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Pasi Harshit Talking About His New Music Studio

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About Pasi Harshit

Pasi Harshit is a Percussionist, Singer and a Composer. He was born In Varanasi and raised in Lucknow. He has been playing tabla and dholak professionally since the age of 2. In 2020, his musical style gained attention when artists like, Elysa V, Yashraj Mukhate, Ritviz and many other artists personally recognised Harshit for mixing tabla over their smash hits. From this moment, Harshit’s popularity exploded with getting featured on Times of India and other various news outlet.

He’s good at what he does, sure. But that’s hardly a criteria for breaking the internet. Harshit’s videos are as basic as they get — shot on a stationary iPhone, at his residence, with a ceiling fan in the background. The ceiling fan, actually, has become a celebrity in its own right — people comment asking for it when they can’t see it in some of the videos. Until a while ago, he didn’t even use a mic to record.

Harshit’s interest in music was sparked at an early age. Growing up, I used to watch various percussionists also play the dholak & Tabla and I picked up the instrument by ear. When I turned 4, I started learning the basics of Congo and then switched to tabla.

Harshit talking about his new Music Studio

I always wanted to own a Recording studio & a private place to work on music, My parents recently helped me in making my dream come true. I recently got a new music studio and it gives peace of mind to my whole family. Now I can play anytime I want and I want to play all the time, knowing I won’t disturb anyone at our house or in the neighbourhood.

Inside, the sound is natural and warm. The inside-outside sound exchange is so muffled I don’t hear anything out there and vice versa. My band members come here to rehearse now. We can play anytime.

I recently released a cover (Zara Zara) on all the streaming platforms like – Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon music, Pandora, & etc, and posted a video on social media platform and the video was from my studio. I recorded the song in my studio.

Working with famous artists

He Says, I always love to grab whatever opportunity comes to me, therefore no artist is big or small for me. Everyone has their way of doing things and specialties. The response to my covers has been great, and I am happy to represent Indian music and culture.

On becoming a musician

He agrees that talent is innate and everyone has a unique set of potential to them. But speaking specifically on his professional craft, he differentiates between having skills and a sense of music. He says having a musical sense is pertinent to being or becoming a musician. It is often inborn but may be acquired through a lot of hard work and experience.

You can practice and work on the accuracy and objectivity of your skills, but you’ll need the fundamental sense of music to truly master the craft. And so, to his fellow artists he says, practice seriously, and run after your passion. Aim at becoming one with the music you create.

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