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Plane Travel Tips

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If you’ve never travelled on a plane before, you might be feeling nervous or unsure of what to expect. While your worries are valid, this is a time for excitement and anticipation. Luckily, these tips can help you put your fears aside and fully immerse yourself in your upcoming trip. You’ll feel more confident ahead of time having prepared for all eventualities.

Travel Insurance

You should always take out travel insurance no matter what mode of transport you’re using, but it can be especially useful if you’re flying to another country. Websites like can offer you the support you need should you fall ill while you’re on holiday or lose one of your bags. Medical care can be expensive when you’re aboard, so you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you can’t pay for the treatment you desperately need. 

What’s more, sometimes suitcases do go missing when flying. Don’t let a lack of control over situations spoil your time away by finding the right coverage for your needs.

Check Restrictions

Most flights have limits on the number of bags you can take on board with you as well as their weight. Don’t get caught out on the day of your flight by checking your airline’s restrictions well in advance. You’ll also need to be careful about how many liquids you have in your hand luggage and whether you have anything sharp – so leave those scissors at home.

Travel Sickness

If you’re prone to feeling travel sick, bring along some travel sickness remedies to help you feel better during the journey. You can pick these up from your local pharmacy or you could even decide to buy some herbal sweets to settle your nerves.


While the novelty of flying will keep you occupied for a while, you’ll need some activities to stave off boredom on longer flights. You could choose to bring a book, some noise-cancelling headphones or a games console. Alternatively, if you want to try and get some sleep, don’t forget a travel pillow to stay comfortable.

Layers of Clothes

Even if you’re flying to a hot country, you’ll want to have a few layers to wear on the plane. Temperature can be unpredictable when up in the air and you’ll be thankful to have a jumper in case you get cold. But your trip will be very uncomfortable if that’s all you have on and it’s too warm. A thin T-shirt, light cardigan, and heavier jacket allow you to take layers on and off to suit your own comfort levels.

Choose Your Seat Carefully

Most airlines will allow you to choose your seat, but which one is best? Consider if you want to be on the aisle with easy access to the bathroom or at the window where you can check out the view. Avoid the middle seat where possible, especially if you don’t know who will be sitting either side of you. You should also consider whether you’d be happy sitting next to an emergency exit.

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