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Producer Dia Warrior done with Gully Bop

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Grammy-winning producer Diavallan ‘Dia Warrior’ Fearon says that he is done helping entertainer Gully Bop.

This after the entertainer questioned how funds are distributed from a Real Helping Hands page that Fearon set up for him in December to assist with his health expenses.

Gully Bop was admitted to the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) for complications from a hernia and blocked tubes. A US$10,000 goal, of which only $362 has been donated, is being sought to assist with regular upkeep of a colostomy bag, a healthy diet and a caregiver. Gully Bop told THE STAR yesterday that he has been trying to get the money as he has been bleeding from his navel for several days. But he said that on the weekend, staff at KPH told him that his case is not critical.

“Dem seh mi haffi wait because dem only a deal with emergencies because of COVID,” he said, adding that he sought assistance at the Medical Associates Hospital. He said that he was not told how much the recommended procedure would cost.

“The youth weh set it [the donor page] up, mi a talk to him and him a seh nothing (money) at all nuh inna it,” Gully Bop claimed. “Mi call back fundraiser and the person seh money in there so mi nuh know weh Big Stone (vlogger) and Dia, weh set it up, if dem draw it out cause dem seh is only dem alone can take it out.” But Fearon said the funds have not been tampered with.

“Mi a go pull it fi pay one hospital bill or pay something weh needed in an emergency; mi nah tek it and give him fi go do whatever him want to do with it…” he told THE STAR. “A nuh something weh mi can tek fi myself. It is there, plain inna everybody sight… If Medical Associates seh him have a bill outstanding fi ‘X amount’ and that can put towards it, I will go and get that money and give Medical Associates and then mi tek down the site, tek down mi name and everything so we nah fi ever go through this again.”

Fearon said he has been helping Gully Bop professionally and personally for months, including carrying him to hospital. But he accused the veteran of disrespecting him.

“Mi done with dem tings deh. Mi have mi pickney dem a go a school, mi have mi life fi deal with,” he said.

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