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RadioShack plans to launch a crypto exchange for the older generation

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RadioShack might be ready to be resurrected from the dead, but not how we used to know it.

RadioShack's second coming will see it launch a Cryptocurrency exchange, a Defi (decentralized finance) one to be precise.

Its website, which has been completely rebranded now says "Bringing Cryptocurrency To The Mainstream" right at the top. "Our mission is to be the first protocol to bridge the gap in mainstream usage of DeFi."

RadioShack's main strategy here? To bridge the gap between the older generation and blockchain technology, and boost mass adoption.

"The older generation simply doesn’t trust the new-fangled ideas of the Bitcoin youth," and RadioShack wants to change that.

To begin its new business, RadioShack plans to launch a Defi Swap platform, where users can swap their tokens to stable coins or other cryptocurrencies, along with launching its own native token 'RADIO. 'The token isn't live yet, though you can join the company's waitlist to be notified about the token's progress and when it is expected to launch.

While the platform is sure to attract an older population, RadioShack's primary goal is to help the older CEOs enter the crypto space, and it plans to do so with the help of its brand name which is embedded in the global consciousness.

"Remember, there is a real generational gap between the average crypto buyer (in some countries like India, it’s as low as age 24) and the average corporate, decision making, global CEO who averages age 68," reads the company's website.

You can learn more about RadioShack's roadmap and how it plans to enter the Defi market in this multi-page blog.

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