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Revisiting Making ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ with Mike Flanagan, Victoria Pedretti Gets Emotional

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The Haunting of Hill House is a very special show for a slew of reasons, but it’ll always be a seminal project for Victoria Pedretti given it’s her very first substantial project and also because the show well showcased that she’s just bubbling over with raw talent.

Just in case you’re one of few who’s yet to watch the Netflix smash hit, The Haunting of Hill House is a reimagining of the Shirley Jackson novel and puts the focus on five siblings who grew up in a haunted house. The show covers their experiences there as children and also how those incidents have impacted them as adults, long after moving out of Hill House.

While returning to Collider Ladies Night for the release of You Season 3, Pedretti took some time to look back on her Hill House experience and discuss what kind of impression that project made on her as her very first Hollywood gig. Here’s what she said when asked what Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy did on that set that she wishes she saw on more sets out there:

“A huge amount of that crew were people that had worked with Mike Flanagan and Trevor in the past, and I think that that was a really special thing to walk into. There was already a rapport. Mike really worked a lot to protect the scene work and push for us to have the amount of time we needed to capture the beautiful work of Michael Fimognari, and protect the acting in the scenes. So many people told me on that set, ‘You know, stuff doesn’t work like this. You’re being spoiled,’ and that’s true. It was really an environment that was conducive to real creativity and I’m forever grateful. F*ck. F*ck! I’m a little emotional lady! … It was a really special way to start off my career.”

Not only did Hill House afford Pedretti the opportunity to work with some of the best of the best behind-the-scenes, but she also got to act opposite some incredibly accomplished and experienced individuals. When asked for something she saw a Hill House co-star do that she strives to apply herself on other projects, Pedretti immediately pinpointed Carla Gugino. Here’s how she put it:

“Everything Carla Gugino does. She creates a wonderful atmosphere. She really takes on that role of leadership that I think actors don’t choose, but are kind of put in. We do, for better or for worse, control a lot of the tone of the set some of the time. If an actor’s really difficult or even stressed or frustrated, of course those things are normal but the ability to deal with those things with grace I think really improves the working environment for everybody, and she’s just a beacon of grace.”

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