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Rogers increased several plan prices by $5 or $10 per month

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Rogers increased the price of three of its four plans by $5 or $10, but also tacked on slightly higher data amounts.

The changes apply to Rogers' 'Infinite' plans, which offer "unlimited" data, although a better way to look at it is overage-free data.

The "unlimited" data is actually a set bucket of data that customers can use at typical network speed -- once customers go beyond that allotment, Rogers throttles speeds to a maximum of up to 512Kbps download and upload. However, customers can continue using data at the throttled speed without being charged overages.

Rogers new plan prices are as follows:

The plans also include unlimited Canada-wide calling, texting, and picture and video messaging, enhanced voicemail, call and name display, call waiting, forwarding and group calling, and more.

It's worth noting that the $110/mo plan now includes unlimited Canada-U.S. calling and texting. That change actually brings the plan more in line with Bell and Telus, which both offer Canada-U.S. talk and text on their more expensive plans (although both offer the plan at $100/mo with 50GB of data).

Moreover, Rogers also increased the monthly discount given for additional lines from $15/mo to $20/mo. That means that each extra line added to your Rogers account is $20 cheaper, although for most people the monthly bill will still end up being slightly more expensive (e.g. three lines with the old $80/mo plan and $15 add-a-line discount would come to $210/mo total, while the new $85/mo plan and $20 add-a-line discount would total to $215/mo).

Beyond that, Rogers' plan perks have changed too. Customers can still get six months of free Disney+ with select plans, but it appears that the six months of free Apple Music offer is no longer available.

You can check out all of Rogers' plans here.