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Ronnie Mund Can’t Stopping Fighting With These Howard Stern Show Staffers

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Of all the staffers on The Howard Stern Show, Ronnie ‘The Limo Driver’ Mund may have the hottest temper. The man can flip in an instant and is one of the easiest people to offend. This is funny because he remains one of the most offensive aspects of the acclaimed satellite radio show.

Howard clearly loves pushing Ronnie over the edge but he’s not the only one. There are several other staffers who get under Ronnie’s skin. So much so that the elderly race car and stripper-loving Las Vegas resident loses it, starts yelling, and things get incredibly personal.

Ronnie’s feuds with callers like King of All Blacks and Apples are downright legendary. And they’re 100% authentic. Ronnie absolutely hates them. But his feuds with his colleagues are a little different. Of course, staffers are encouraged to argue with one another and there have been some truly epic staff fights.

Fans adore it and Howard loves watching his staffers badmouth each other. They usually find their way of ‘hugging it out’ at the end of the day, but things can get pretty nasty. This is especially true when Ronnie is involved as he goes from zero to a hundred in milliseconds. Here are the current and former staffers he fights with the most on-air and behind-the-scenes on The Stern Show…

11 Ronnie Mund Versus Jason Kaplan

Jason is the office gossip. The producer is known for rating out his colleagues to Howard. Of course, this is encouraged as fans absolutely adore Jason exposing the comings and goings of the other staffers. But this has caused major conflicts with Ronnie, particularly when Jason comments on how Ronnie conducts himself in the halls of SiriusXM. For example, their cookie fight got downright mean.

10 Ronnie Mund Versus Ralph Cirella

Ronnie believes his friendship with Howard’s stylist, the ever-argumentative Ralph Cirella, is over. According to Ronnie, the two have barely spoken since COVID started. “He wrote me off,” Ronnie stated on the show. Prior to the pandemic, Ralph adored poking Ronnie when he was at his angriest, making himself one of the biggest targets for Ronnie’s over-the-top screaming. But there was a time when the two would go to strip clubs together and hang out.

Ronnie Mund Versus Mike Pearlman

The ‘Bagel Caper’ on The Howard Stern Show is legendary and it only happened two years ago. While the staffers were still in office, Ronnie thought that someone messed with a bagel he put aside for breakfast. The blame eventually landed on producer Mike Pearlman. This started a feud between the two of them that’s lasted for years. Of course, Ronnie just doesn’t argue with Mike about the bagel… the two are at each other’s throats about everything. “He loves to f*** with me because he thinks everything is a big joke!” Ronnie said of Mike. “[Ronnie’s] the type of guy, Howard, that you look at him and you just start laughing,” Mike said to Howard in 2022.

Ronnie Mund Versus Lisa G

Ronnie’s constant conflicts with former Howard 100 News anchor Lisa Glasberg (AKA Lisa G) are of the most notable in Stern Show history. Mostly because they were laced with sexual tension. Their love/hate relationship reached numerous boiling points, most famously when they argued about Lisa’s cookie party and the time they went head-to-head about colonoscopies. But mostly Ronnie was furious with Lisa about how she ratted him out to Howard through the news. Of course, they famously kissed and made up… briefly…

Ronnie Mund Versus Shuli Egar

Ronnie and former staffer Shuli Egar did a lot of work together outside of The Howard Stern Show. But when they were on-air together, they rarely could get along. This is mostly because Shuli took extreme pleasure in making fun of Ronnie in front of Howard and Robin. There were multiple times when Ronnie would storm out of the studio after fighting with Shuli. During one of their most heated fights, Ronnie said he was “done” with him and that he was a “fing ahole baby!”.

Ronnie Mund Versus Fred Norris

When Fred gets angry, Fred gets angry. Most of the time the producer, writer, and sound effects whiz is silent on The Stern Show. Of course, Fred has become known for his impressions of Ronnie, which the former limo driver actually enjoys. But the two have gotten into some extremely heated arguments, mostly about who Ronnie was voting for in the 2020 elections. For reasons that are still unclear, Ronnie refused to tell anyone who he was voting for. This didn’t sit well with Fred and the two absolutely unleashed on each other.

Ronnie Mund Versus Brent Hatley

Fans are still wondering why Brent Hatley left The Stern Show. It may have had something to do with Brent exposing too much about his personal life. This is usually what put him into conflict with Ronnie. After all, the Stern Show had a hard time having two men into wild and kinky NSFW activities. Like other staffers, Ronnie also hated when Brent acted like a know-it-all.

Ronnie Mund Versus JD Harmeyer

Ronnie and JD absolutely love each other. But there was a time when Ronnie loathed the stuttering clip puller. Their biggest fight involved Howard giving JD the power to cancel Ronnie’s own radio show. In recent years, Ronnie mostly fights JD when he thinks he’s acting like a “big shot”. To be fair, t’s not much of a fight because JD just laughs awkwardly as Ronnie blows his lid.

Ronnie Mund Versus Mike Fox

“Learn where you work. Take the s*** like everybody else,” Ronnie once barked at producer Mike Fox after he complained about Ronnie causing conflict behind the scenes at the Stern Show virtual happy hour. While Mike is rarely on the air, Ronnie has made it clear that he just doesn’t like the guy, calling him “total f***ing bulls***”. And the feeling is mutual as Mike told Howard, “I thought [Ronnie] was just an a**hole who screams ‘c***’, but I’ve learned that he’s a d***.”

Ronnie Mund Versus Chris Wilding

Much like Jason Kaplan, Chris Wilding loves to report on what Ronnie is up to. And somewhere in Chris’ reporting are details that Ronnie finds inaccurate to the point that they’re slanderous. On top of this, Chris has a way of getting under Ronnie’s skin in a way that he just can’t handle.

Ronnie Mund Versus Robin Quivers

Stern Show co-host Robin Quivers “piles on”. While she doesn’t actively pick fights with Ronnie, she always comments on other arguments he’s having and this sets him off. There’s rarely a staff brawl that Robin doesn’t insert herself in and Ronnie absolutely hates it. He also loves calling her out for being “too good” for the staffers as she doesn’t spend time with them personally anymore.

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